Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Quiet Morning

The night of my last entry, I did indeed find that my pillowcase had multiple lacerations when I finally went to bed. Since then, Cody has not managed to get a hold of the tiny nail-clipping scissors, so I have not found any more holes in my personal belongings. Things are quiet here now...a rare occurrence during this time of the day. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday, which was nice. I had planned on getting really domestic and making sugar cookies to mark the event, but I fizzled out on Friday and just couldn't do it. I made brownies though, so I considered the day victorious. I'm not sure when I'll get around to the sugar cookies, as it is a two-day process, but I hope I'll get them done this year. I don't have many great talents when it comes to all things culinary, but I do believe I have mastered the art of the sugar cookie, so it is kind of a tiny source of pride for me. You know the kind of cookie I mean, with the icing and sprinkles on top...the kind that takes hours to roll out and painstakingly cut with a variety of cute cookie-cutters. They are a Christmas tradition in my family and this year, if I have the nerve, I might get Cody involved to a small degree. He loves the mix-master, so baking is always a positive activity with him. Unfortunately, it is difficult to imagine doing anything right now after the night we had. How is it that a two-year-old can wake up almost every night at 3am and not go back to sleep for an hour or more? I wouldn't care if he was actually quiet, but there is loud laughter and boisterous conversation coming from his bedroom every night, as though he is having some kind of party in the middle of the night. And so my precious cookies are going to have to wait for now because if I ever have a block of time big enough to start them, I would be much wiser to just go to bed. I used to think my parents were so boring for going to bed every night at 10pm. Now I see that they were wise, and if I could get it together I would do the same thing!

This is not an exciting post, so I will end it here. I suppose dull is better than exciting when it comes to life as a house-mom. Last night, Cody did slam a door on Jamie's fingers on purpose and almost break them, and this morning I did catch him drinking out of the syrup bottle again. In light of that kind of excitement, I welcome a dull morning like this one.

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