Monday, December 15, 2008

So Much For Christmas Shopping

Phew, I have been a little out of the loop lately. December is always a crazy month with all the Christmas preparations. I still have not made my famous sugar cookies, but that might be a project that I start later today. I'm not feeling so great this morning, so I'm a little paranoid about doing anything. I have not finished my Christmas shopping and I'm somewhat stressed out about it. My mother-in-law took my boys on Friday afternoon so that I could go in to town and try to get some shopping done. I'm about 40 minutes out of town, so shopping is always a lengthy process, as the driving alone is almost an hour and a half in total. I went in, hoping to just get Mike done, because the others he can help me with. As soon as I got to the mall, my stomach was feeling very gross. Well, sorry if this is too much information, but I had to go to the lovely mall bathroom and spend some time there before I even did any shopping. How nice for me. Unfortunately, it was one of those situations where my timing must have been off, because I left the bathroom thinking, "Hm. I don't think I'm out of the woods yet..." Even still, I headed further down the mall to get one of my gifts for Mike, and I did get him a nice pair of winter gloves, but as I stood at the cash register paying for them, it became clear that my earlier predictions were right. Great. I had a very limited time to do my shopping, and already I was going to have to make my second trip to the washroom. After paying for the gloves, I hurried back to the washroom, wondering how many of the people in the food court were having a case of deja vu as I passed them yet again and strode purposefully into the washroom. I decided this time that I should take my time, lest I have to make a third trip into the bathroom. Well, taking your time in a public washroom is never a pleasant experience, but this went beyond unpleasant. The Brandon Shopper's Mall has a very "modern" washroom setup, and has equipped it with those toilets that flush automatically. I don't know exactly how they work, and believe me, I have tried to figure it out. I thought maybe they had some kind of motion detector that could tell when you stood up, and then they would do their thing and flush so there is no chance that anyone leaves anything in the toilet. Let me clarify what I mean when I say "flush". There is no swirling and gurgling that would be typical of a house toilet. This is something more akin to Niagara Falls being unleashed with a fury that lasts only about one or two seconds, but even still, unless you have reflexes like Jackie Chan and can pull up your pants and leap over the stall door before the blast hits, you will probably need some kind of a rain coat. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for toilets that flush, but I really do find it disgusting when the toilet seat is sprayed with its own water after every use. In my particular situation on Friday, this was especially vexing. I tried very hard not to move at all on the toilet, lest I give it the mistaken impression that I was finished there. Apparently it is not a motion detector that sets off the flush. The first time it flushed while I was on it, I panicked and stood up as fast as I could, so as not to get an upside-down shower. Then, I had to wipe the seat with toilet paper again, as it was covered with toilet water. This was stressful because I had a feeling that time was ticking away before the next icy blast would send me to my feet once again. I was right. Well, let's just say that by the time I was done in there I had done a mini-workout of squats, my backside was cool and refreshed, and I had repeatedly cursed the conveniences of the self-flushing toilets in the Brandon Shopper's Mall.

So, having said all that, I did not get all that much shopping done on Friday. Today it is insanely cold out and Mike is off work as a result, hence the reason I actually have time to post in here. I was considering going in to town to shop, despite the bitterness of the weather, but I'm not sure that I'm up for it anyway. My stomach seems to be having issues this morning too so I may be forced to remain at home. That's probably good considering the intense coldness outside. With the wind chill right now it is -42 degrees, so if I were to have car trouble, it would be serious. I guess I'm going to have to leave my shopping until next week, which I don't want to do!

I also cut Jamie down to nursing once a day at bedtime, as of Saturday morning. This morning for the first time he drank a whole bottle of milk. Yay! That makes me feel a lot better about things. He was barely drinking anything at all before. I have many more stories to share about Cody, but I think I'm going to have to sign off for now.

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Bonnie said...

I'm doubled over with laughter and I'm going to have to make a break for the bathroom myself as it's very risky to laugh this hard when five months pregnant with child #6. You have such a way of putting words to all of our thoughts and emotions! Bravo!