Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mini-vans...there is no escape!

So it looks like we are finally moving into the widely spreading population of mini-van drivers. I always thought that mini-vans were rather silly for those with only one or two kids, and I have always loved our Matrix so much that I was quite resistant to the idea of a mini-van. However, the time has come for us to take the plunge and sell our beloved Matrix. It is a frustrating situation when the safety regulations stipulate that all kids must be in some kind of car seat or booster until they are quite old, but no standard car seems to be made with a back seat big enough for three decent car seats to fit side by side. If we had stopped at two kids, we would have kept the Matrix, simply because we like it so much, but with three (especially three so young at once) this is simply going to be impossible. We found a van this week and it looks like we'll be buying it, though we did run into a little glitch that will delay the purchase for probably a couple of weeks. The glitch, though small, involves such a long and detailed (and somewhat unbelievable) story that it is not worth explaining in here. The good news is that I am finally getting excited about having a van, and I look forward to our first family drive in it. Mike tells me that once we have it I will not miss the Matrix. It is hard for me to imagine not missing the "Batmobile" (okay, the Batmowagon), but if the van is really that nice I will bounce back.

On Tuesday I have to take Cody in for his next specialist appointment in the big city. This is a 2 1/2 hour drive for us, so it will be a bit of a pain for me to take both boys by myself, but it has to be done. Cody has glasses, which he has had since he turned 20 months old, and his eyes were turning in intermittently so he has to see a pediatric ophthalmologist every few months to check his prescription and assess his progress to make sure he does not need surgery on his eyes. For the record, I have a huge aversion to all things eyeball-related, so the thought of my little boy having surgery in that area is extremely traumatic to me. Any surgery would concern me, but this one is hard for me to swallow. He had an eye patch for several months, but he has not had it since August, I think, and he seems to be doing well so it looks like he probably will not need the surgery.

Anyway, that's it for me tonight. I had a long weekend, most of it alone with the boys, so I am exhausted and ready for bed. Hopefully this week will not be too draining. We will be away from "Daddy" overnight on Tuesday for the appointment, so it will be a long week for all of us. I'll update on Cody's eyes if there is anything to update.

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