Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mommy is Always Wrong

I'm having an interesting day here at home with my boys. Cody has been quite grumpy, so I put him down for half an hour this morning for a quiet time. That seemed to help him to calm down a bit. It's funny how he is in that stage where no matter what I say, he has to argue with me. It drives me crazy. I have to wonder whether it will be exactly the same about 12 years from now. I'm guessing...probably yes. So, after the quiet time, the morning improved and after lunch today, I had two very hyper boys. In fact, they jumped on the couch side by side for a long time. I pondered the fact that traditionally, as a parent I should be angered by this behavior, but in all truth it was pretty cute to watch them bouncing and laughing together. I did have to put a stop to it eventually though because Jamie is way too little to be up on the couch like that. He only got up because Cody had so much stuff on the floor in front of it that he was able to climb on.

Despite the cuteness, I eventually hit the point of sensory overload and I told them it was time for quiet time/nap time. Cody, of course, argued with me that he would be sleeping in the living room, not in his own room. At that point I had no energy to argue with him, because if you'll pardon my bluntness, I had to pee really badly. At this point in my pregnancy, I don't mess around with my bladder, so I told him that was fine and I'd see him later. I then headed to my bathroom without looking back. This triggered a tantrum. He followed me, hollering loudly about how he wanted to sleep in his own room, and then he burst into my bedroom and slammed the door open into the wall over and over again. I seriously thought he was going to bust a hole in the wall with the door knob it was so violent. By now I am really frustrated, and I shouted, "Can't I even go to the bathroom?!" His response was, "NO! I don't NEED you to go to the bathroom!!!" So. Cody does not need me to use the bathroom. Isn't that wonderful? I guess that means my bladder will be immune to water and for the rest of this pregnancy I will never have to pee again. I am so grateful that I have a two-year-old to dictate all of the mundane details of my life for me. What would I do if I had to decide for myself when I needed to use the bathroom???

Anyway, I just had to share that because it really summarizes my daily interactions with Cody. His opinion is right, mine is wrong. I hope he agrees with me when I go into labour!

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