Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Needles and Battles

I had to take Jamie for his one year old needles today. Blech. He is more sensitive than Cody ever was, so I was really dreading it. He did all right in the end, but I still feel bad pinning him down like that while they jab needles into each arm. Poor kid. He's such a sweet little guy. He is really restless though and I can hear him moving in his bed a lot. He just let out a little whimper. I hope he doesn't react badly to this needle. Cody did with this one, so I am feeling a bit paranoid.

Other than needles, this week has consisted of a three day long battle to get Cody to pick up his toys and put them away. It ended with a bang today when I finally allowed the time to run out and the hammer to drop. He has lost privileges every day so far, but nothing seemed to be incentive enough for him. I decided to ride out the battle long-term to hopefully teach him a more memorable lesson than if I stood over him and forced him to do it like a drill sergeant. I hope the battle does not commence again tomorrow, because I am exhausted. A pleasant day would be so welcome about now!!!

On a lighter note, Cody has informed me numerous times that the new baby is going to be a sister, not a brother. Yesterday I asked him, "What if it is a boy? What should we call him?" He said, "Jamie". I told him that we could not have another Jamie because we already have one. He then said, "We can throw Jamie away." I guess he has it all planned. I asked him if it is a girl what we should name her. He said "Oma", which I believe is German for "grandmother", or else "Lacey". Where the heck did he get those from??? He's crazy. Well, he will not be getting his way on either of those, let me tell you, but I do intend to tell Mike's grandma (whom Cody calls Oma) what he said and see what she thinks.

Anyway, I am desperate for sleep after an obscenely early morning this morning. I'm off.

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lindsayc said...

I'm sure he meant Lindsay, not Lacey! lol

Hope you're well. I'm on my own for one more week 'til SImon gets back from back country skiingin avalanche country. Phew!