Friday, February 20, 2009

Of Clutter and Baked Potatoes

Okay, so in a rare moment, I actually watched part of Oprah yesterday. It was about her "Clean up your messy house tour". I didn't know whether to be inspired, or just downright depressed. Honestly, some of the homes they showed in there were pretty disgusting for mess, and I didn't find it all that shocking because I often find my house in a similar state. For some reason, I can never seem to get a grip on all my clutter. It is not just clutter either. There are dirty dishes, and other things that need to be actually cleaned, not just tidied up. How in the world does a person go about getting their house totally organized? I have been trying to get things improved since yesterday, and I have made some progress. The kitchen is looking much better, and I did some work on the master bedroom. Their clean-up expert guy said that the master bedroom basically sets the tone for the entire house. Hm. My bedroom is the LAST place I clean, because it is the least visible, and when it comes to prioritizing, I cannot justify spending a bunch of time cleaning my room but leaving the living room in total disarray. Okay, the living room is not a dump right now, but it is not what I would classify as really neat and tidy. How can it be? There are toys all over the place in here. If Oprah's crew showed up at my door I would be mortified. Not just because of the house either. I look worse than any room in this house on the best of days. Something is wrong here, and I just can't seem to fix it. How can I be home all day every day and still not get all the cleaning done? I think I'm having a contraction here. (Seriously, I seem to be getting these Braxton-Hicks things lately. They don't hurt, but feel quite weird. I hope it's okay to have a lot of them this early.)

Anyway, I am feeling very domestic either way because not only did I clean most of my kitchen today, I also am in the process of baking peanut butter cookies. Correction: I am in the process of eating peanut butter cookies. Mmm. It was a craving that I simply was unable to say no to. Peanut butter cookies are not common around here, and it's practically like eating something illegal for all the rules and regulations these days about peanut butter. Sometimes I get scared that if anyone entered my house with peanut allergies they would drop dead on the spot because Cody and most of my kitchen probably have a permanent film of peanut butter over them. I hope none of my kids develop nut allergies. Cody loves peanut butter. My baby seems to be appreciating the cookies. I just felt a little jump.

Well, at least the weekend is here. So far, our big plans consist of going to the dump tomorrow morning (always the highlight of our weekends) and as an extra special outing: buying a toilet in Virden. Yep. Not only do we get to travel all the way to the thriving metropolis of Virden, Manitoba, but we will be returning home with a special toilet. There is a one-day only rebate on these toilets tomorrow, and we need a toilet for our basement, so that settles that.

On that note, I must go and prepare the most fabulous baked potatoes in the universe. Haha. Seriously though, fabulous. I found this recipe online and it really is like no baked potato you have ever tasted. For me, that is a good thing because I hate baked potatoes. I will quickly tell you the secret.

Okay, this is the condensed version, but all you do is poke holes all around the potatoes with a fork, brush them with either olive oil or canola oil, then sprinkle salt all over them. Then, you cook them at 400 degrees F direcly on the oven rack. Just a hint: don't do this without putting something underneath them to catch the oil drips. I made that mistake the first time I tried this. I almost lit up my kitchen. Our house was VERY smoky, and I had to open windows and doors, even though it was freezing outside. (And I do mean freezing, like well below zero, for my non-Canadian readers.) I usually use an old cookie sheet that is too burnt or even rusty to put food on directly anymore. See? Maybe there is a good reason to hold onto things like that rather than throwing them out. Hm. Anyway, once you bring the potatoes out of the oven, you are supposed to cut them in half and then squeeze them a bit with tongs. I am not sure about the order of those two things. I squeezed them first, personally. This fluffs them up really good. Apparently these are supposed to taste so good that you will not want to load them up like you normally would. This concept is lost on me. I still load mine up, but seriously, these are WAY better than any other potatoes. They are supposed to put the kind you do in foil to shame because the foil holds the moisture inside of itself, whereas the oil and salt hold the moisture within the potato itself. So, there is my recipe for you. Don't get used to it...I am not really a fountain of amazing recipes. This one is easy and turns out delicious. It will make you feel like a gourmet chef if you are someone like me.

This is getting long, so I will sign off. Hope someone else tries the potatoes and loves them as much as my family does!


Bonnie said...

The potatoes really are amazing!!!! I ate three in a row (without the extra fixings, even) and my kids were even gobbling them down!!! I baked mine on a couple of pie plates to avoid the oil drips. The only difference that made was a couple of yummy, crunchy patches on the part of the potato that was resting on the pan. YUM! Better than french fries!!!

CAT said...

I'm glad you liked them! They are a new hit in my family as well. Cody is a bit picky with them, but he does eat them. The pie plates are a good idea. Now I am craving the blasted potatoes!!!