Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Exciting Day in the Life of a Housewife

I should be feeding my boys lunch right now, but I am hiding in my room. Cody is watching a show on TV and Jamie is in bed, but Jamie is not sleeping. He is awake and talking, and probably wants to come out, but I just had to sneak a few minutes to myself.

Today is a hectic least, it was supposed to be. Andrea, (my sister, for those who don't know), was supposed to be coming over this afternoon for a visit, so my plan was to do some cleaning this morning, and then during Jamie's nap and Cody's TV time right before lunch I was going to shower. I then found out first thing this morning that some friends of ours were going to be in town and we had told them a while back that we would do something with them tonight. We had both forgotten about that! Oops! So, then I thought, scrap the shower for now and I'll do as much cleaning as humanly possible and shower later. But then I found out that Andrea got called into work for a few hours. Our other plans also fell through. As I type this, I realize that this is a story that is not worth sharing in this blog. Let's sum it up as follows: I should be cleaning. I should be showering. I should be feeding my boys some lunch. I am not cleaning. I am not showering. I am not feeding my boys lunch.

The good news is, I have done a lot of laundry today. That means I have technically accomplished quite a bit of house work, rendering me an effective housewife at least for today. If that is not exciting to you, get this: I used a cloth diaper on Jamie today for the first time. I was extremely nervous about it, but we finally got our detergent yesterday, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and give it a try. He has wet one so far, and I was amazed at how NOT a big deal it was. It was not gross either. That was before his nap. I then put him in our second and only other cloth diaper to try it out. I am in fear and trembling that he will poop. Haha. It has to happen eventually for me to know whether I really want to do this or not, but I am still hoping to avoid it as long as possible. I have a feeling that Mike would like to avoid that altogether!

Okay, I'm officially off the hook. Both cloth diapers are wet. No poop today. Phew! Well, on that riveting note, I will sign off and try to get some more work done. I saw Oprah's "Clean up your messy house tour" again yesterday, and I am feeling a bit inadequate! They say if you can set aside 10-15 minutes a day just to de-clutter, that should keep things under control. We shall see! I'm off to conquer the house and the boys!

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