Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Bad to Worse

Last night our house felt like that high security room out of Mission Impossible, as we tip-toed around between the kitchen, the living room and the hallway, trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to navigate a path between the Cheerios without hearing or feeling the dreaded crunch. I was gone for much of the day, so I did not vacuum the mess. Some warped part of me wanted Mike to see it in person and not just hear my description of it. He laughed. A lot. But, by the end of the day when I had planned to clean it up, I was so tired that I just left it with the intention of cleaning it this morning.

This morning was typical, in that Cody was up around 6 a.m., and he went after Oreo again. This proved to be life-threatening for the poor bunny because Cody did not bother ejecting the dog out of the house first. I heard a lot of frantic claws on the kitchen floor, and Cody laughing hysterically. He had put Oreo inside of the "shopping cart" (a laundry basket) and was chasing the dog around the kitchen, pushing the rabbit behind him. I guess in a way it was kind of poetic...a tiny little bunny hot on the heels of a big German Shepherd who was scrambling frantically to get out of the way. From Mike's eyewitness report, Radar had the distinct look of a wild animal about to devour his prey. We are going to have to put padlocks on Oreo's cage, or something equally dramatic. Mike rescued him, and I gave Cody a thorough tongue-lashing, to which he finally responded "oKAY, oKAY!".

So that was it, I was up for the day. I looked around me at the plethora of Cheerios that still occupied much of the floor right where the kitchen, living room, hallway and stairs meet, and I thought I would vacuum a path through them, so that I would not crunch any more. I did, and it was better, but I still wanted the deepest part of the pile to remain, for grazing purposes...particularly for Jamie. Martha Stewart I am not. I got Jamie out of his crib and strapped him into the high chair and got his breakfast ready. I don't know what is up with him these days, but he gets really mad in his high chair, and it seems like he doesn't want to eat. I gave him a bowl of hashbrown casserole and continued about my business in the kitchen. He was complaining, but I didn't think anything of it until I heard the loud crash and shattering sound. Horrified, I turned to see the bowl and the casserole in a million pieces (and pile of mush) on the floor. I guess I am naive, because I always thought Corelle was unbreakable. I guess I knew it was not completely unbreakable, but I have always used it for my kids so that if they threw it, it would not break. Well, I learned a lesson this morning. There were glass shards everywhere, so I had to restrain Cody on the carpet with nothing but words...a near impossible task. Then I had to pick up the casserole part in paper towels without cutting myself in the process. All in all, the cleanup was quite a task, and to my ultimate dismay, I was forced to vacuum up all the Cheerios. I could not risk him snacking on them when there was a chance that a tiny piece of glass may have found its way into the pile. So I have now vacuumed all the Cheerios and it looks much better in here. It is nice to be able to walk like a normal person too, and not have crumbs all over my socks all day. Of course there are a few strays here and there, but the vacuum will get them eventually. I even vacuumed up Cody's pajama bottoms this morning. Oops.

I guess it's pretty bad that it took a dangerous situation to force me to vacuum. I was sad to see all those Cheerios go, but I was not sorry to see my carpet once again.

All's quiet now, as the boys snack on goldfish (Eeewwww!) and Cody watches Dora. Jamie is mostly eating and dancing. I guess I should get some work done now that things are settled for the moment around here. Hopefully we can avoid catastrophe for a while. I'm off to change the laundry.

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