Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Struggle to Save Money

So I have spent most of my day trying to assemble a grocery list. It doesn't sound that complicated, but for me, today, it is. The thing that is hard is that I am supposed to be buying things that we need, and I am not supposed to buy anything extra. I was not told what kinds of things are considered "extra". So, now I am blank on what I should buy. Most of my list is not even food-related at all. This is frustrating. Normally I would just go to the store, go up every aisle and pick the things that we need as I go. Well, I do take a list too, but I don't feel bad buying other things that we could use as I go along. Now I feel like I have to be really strict, and that leaves me unsure of how to proceed. I have this feeling like I am going to drive all the way in to town when Mike gets home and after spending a couple of hours running around buying stuff I will come home and we will still be short on food in this house.

I did manage to make supper today though, which is an accomplishment because it is one of my headache days. I am very tired and I woke up with a bad headache, which seems to be quite attached to me. It won't go away. So, I spent an hour or more preparing a casserole for tonight's supper, which I will not be eating. I won't be here to experience the glory of my beautiful casserole, but hopefully it will at least impress Mike. Right now I am very hungry, but there is not a darn thing in this house that I want to eat. This is why I am worried about the shopping list too. I can't think of anything to eat, so I can't think of anything to buy either. How pathetic.

My other adventure that is currently unfolding is my inexplicable desire and intention to use cloth diapers on my next baby. No, you did not read that wrong. What has possessed me to even consider this? Well, mostly the fact that cloth diapers are not what they used to be. They are now cute, cause less diaper rash than disposables, money-saving, and much better for the environment, though some would argue that point. I don't know why I am so serious about this, but I am. Chalk it up to pregnancy hormone insanity if you want. I just can't seem to let it go, even though I am getting so stressed about it that I even dream about diapers at night...if I can stop thinking about them long enough to fall asleep at all. It turns out that cloth diapering is a much more complicated endeavor than I would have thought. There are zillions of brands, and there are zillions of types of diapers, even within brands. That coupled with the fact that in Canada it is difficult to find a lot of them, plus they are far more expensive here than in the U.S., and it makes it hard to get started.

I did find a store in Brandon that sells them. They have three different types. One is a box of what they call "prefolds", which are essentially very similar to the old-style ones that my mom used when we were babies. They don't use pins anymore to close them, thank goodness. They have some kind of snap-like clips you can use. These require the plastic pants over them, because they do not have a water-proof outer layer. This just does not appeal to me, though they are by far the cheapest option. The next type are called Fuzzi Bunz, and are a "pocket diaper". This means that they have a similar design to a disposable, but they have a pocket inside of them that you stuff with an absorbent cloth insert. They do up with snaps and they are quite cute, but they are fairly expensive and you have to buy a bunch of each size so that they will fit your baby at each stage. The third kind are called Bumgenius, and they are one size fits 7-35 pounds. They are also a pocket diaper, with a cloth insert. They are also expensive, but the bonus is that I would only have to buy one set, and Jamie could even use them too. So, I bought one Fuzzi Bunz in Jamie's size and one BumGenius one size to try out. Then I found out you can't use normal detergent on them because if you do, they can build up a water-repelling layer and then they do not absorb liquid anymore. Not a good quality in a diaper. So today I also have to find an appropriate detergent, which is not sold in any regular stores. Hm. It turns out that Two Farm Kids sells some that should work, so I have to head there today. Once I have the detergent, I can give the diapers a try. That will be the truly scary part. Hehe...nervous laughter. If they work great on Jamie, I will buy a bunch and wean him off of disposables. Then when the baby is born, I'll buy another bunch and I'll know what colors to buy, depending on the baby's gender.

So, that is a very short version of my cloth diaper dilemma. I'll probably post about it again because it is so much on my mind. Makes for exciting reading too, don't you think?

Anyway, must throw my superb casserole in the oven now because Mike is on his way home. Then I will go to town and hopefully buy everything I need and nothing more. Bye for now.


Bonnie said...

Interesting to me - that water repelling build up from regular detergent. I'm interested in hearing about the "good" stuff that doesn't do this. If it's wrecking cloth diapers, it's likely not good for baby's other clothes either. Would that be a chemical build up? Curious. What we do for our babies, eh! I might have to switch my laundry soap!

CAT said...

I don't know that regular detergent "wrecks" your clothes. A water-repellant layer on regular clothes is not necessarily detrimental, is it? It does have chemicals that could cause sensitivity in some babies and children, I suppose. The bad news is, the other stuff is very hard to find, and it is also more expensive than the regular stuff. The good news for me is that you are only supposed to use a quarter of what you would use in your regular loads, so hopefully it will last longer that way. It's a toss-up, I suppose, as I will have to wash diapers every day if I go for the cloth diapering thing. There is just so much to research and prepare for! It is overwhelming. I hope it turns out to be worth it.

CAT said...

Oops, I meant to say that I will have to wash diapers every SECOND day. Not every day. That's what they recommend anyway. You can wait longer, but it is best to do it every second day.