Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caught Off Guard...

It is lunch time, and both boys are eating quietly. How nice! I'm not sure whether to say that our day so far has been a good one or a bad one. Perhaps I will just say that we have had some calm, quiet moments, and we have also already had a lot of tears, shouting, little brothers getting hurt, and a poop through the pants. Jamie is still getting over some kind of odd stomach bug, so I cannot put him back in his cloth diapers just yet. He had a bad rash the past few days, and I cannot use his cream with the cloth diapers, so he has actually had some leaks that he otherwise wouldn't have. At least today it was not while he was on my lap. Small mercies.

I would have to say that the highlight of my day so far was when I had an unexpected visitor. In case I have not mentioned it or described it before, our house is built on an acreage, consisting of 80 acres of trees. Our house and yard are not visible from the road. Our driveway looks more like two tire tracks that disappear from the road around the corner into the trees. If a person does not watch for it carefully, they will drive right past before even seeing that there is any path there at all. Even we have driven past at times. Having said that, we do not get a lot of people just dropping in. Amazingly, we have had J.W.'s here twice...or was it three times? But other than that, in the last two years I don't think we have had one person stop in, other than relatives.

Then, twice in the span of about two weeks, I had someone show up unannounced. We have a German Shepherd cross, that looks almost purebred, but he is a useless guard dog. He is very diligent to keep the yard clear of squirrels and prairie chickens, and yes, he does also keep out the more threatening creatures such as deer and even coyotes. However, he NEVER barks at people. I suppose this is good for the most part, but I wouldn't mind having a warning bark when a vehicle approaches the yard. A couple of weeks ago, Cody was playing outside by himself and I was getting Jamie ready to go out too, when suddenly the front door opened and Cody walked in with a man. I was sitting on the floor, looking extremely frazzled, trying to get Jamie dressed, and I'm sure my jaw dropped open and I just stared like an idiot. The guy explained that he was with the hydro company and they would be working on some poles down the road so would be shutting the power off for about half an hour. It was no big deal, but I felt kind of bad that I had left Cody unattended (even though it was likely only one minute) while a stranger came in the yard.

Today, I was sitting in the kitchen, which had not been cleaned yet. I was eating my lunch at the island counter while Jamie napped and Cody watched his show, when there was a knock on the door. First of all, let me say that we have two entrances to our house. One of them comes into the living room, and the other into the kitchen. The kitchen doorway opens into a very small space between our fridge and our pantry. It is where the dog sleeps, and only Radar ever comes in and out that door, unless Mike is barbecuing on the deck out there. Additionally, we keep our large garbage can just out that door, and Radar's dishes. For some reason, most people who come over for the first time (and one person who has been here a million times) feel compelled to use that entrance. I don't know why. I guess it is technically the closest one to the driveway, but it is cluttered with a dog crate and a barbecue and a garbage can whereas the other deck has only a nice patio swing on it. But I digress. I was somewhat horrified, and my teeth were undoubtedly full of my lunch, but I tried to swallow my pride and I answered the door. There was a woman there who introduced herself as my neighbor. Yes, I have lived here for three years and I have never met my neighbors. We only have two sets, and the other ones I don't even know their names, though technically they live closer to us than she does. Anyway, she was doing some canvassing for charity, but I was still mortified that she had seen me for the first time like this. I have not showered today, or even yesterday, for that matter. My hair is a mess, and I am wearing a shirt that is almost 15 years old. It has holes in it, and paint stains. Hm. Nice. My pants, which are about as flattering as a potato sack, also have holes in them. In the name of all things decent, I should really never wear this ensemble, and yet it seems to be my stay-at-home-mom outfit of choice. (Or lack of choice, maybe.) My kitchen has several dirty dishes that needed putting away, though it was not as disastrous as it was at the beginning of yesterday. All in all, I was quite embarrassed. In retrospect, I was actually glad that she did not choose the living room door, as that room is even worse! There are toys and books everywhere, and even various articles of children's clothing tossed about on the floor. My house is like an hourglass. If I clean the mess in one room, it's like I just turned over the glass and the mess runs into another room. How in the world did the housewives in the 50's do it??

I have since been on something of a cleaning spree in my kitchen, though I have not gotten to my living room yet. I would love to be in a place where I would not have to be embarrassed if someone dropped in unannounced. Well, I guess I would still be embarrassed by my own appearance, but at least my house could look good, right? I'm planning to have a productive day today. Funny thing to say after lunch though, right? Half of the day is already gone, but I intend to do some major cleaning today. I am going to wash the floor in the kitchen. I won't say how long it has been, but generally I avoid doing it because Jamie tends to throw mass amounts of food down three times a day, and the thought of washing it and then immediately having it victimized again has been too discouraging for me to face. But no more. Today, the kitchen floor gets washed, even if nothing else gets done at all! Haha. Not that I want to get overly ambitious or anything, but I am also intending to cook some kind of supper tonight. Hm. We'll see how that goes.

And now, I am off. I think I have said more than enough for one post!!!


Jacalyn said...

ah, those were the days....NOT. It's so hard to deal w/ kids an house and meals and self (hair. shower, etc.)But that country song is true - once they're gone, you MISS those days! (altho' I can't say that like the song I want them back...)Keep on smiling and trying, all the best, Jacalyn, north of Calgary, AB, Canada

CAT said...

I am sure you are right! I keep telling myself the same thing. Even though things are rough sometimes, I will miss these days once they are gone! I must learn to appreciate every moment while I can.