Monday, April 20, 2009

I made it!

So, I survived my week of single motherhood, and phew! I wouldn't want to do that long term! Today we are back into our regular routine after having Mike for one day. He is at work today, but it doesn't feel as bad, knowing that he will be home for supper, or at least for bath time. Today, I decided to be domestic and make buns. I think I have finally got it down. Today is the first time I have ever made a whole batch of buns without making a single mistake. They turned out quite nicely, and I'm rather proud of them. Of course, putting such a supreme effort into a culinary task did require some sacrifice in other areas, and my kitchen is now back to being a disaster, after being clean for one day. I am currently enjoying a tiny bit of quiet time while Cody plays nicely in his room and Jamie is down for his second nap. I will try to work up the energy to clean in a while, but for now, this is my "me time".

This is not a lengthy or deep post, but that is really all I have to say at the moment. I am suddenly having a hard time keeping my eyes open, and an ominous silence has descended on my house as well. There is a good chance that Cody is falling asleep, which will require my immediate and possibly extreme intervention. Hm. I just called out and asked him if he wanted to come out now and he said, "No, I have a problem." I got very nervous for a moment, and wondered exactly what kind of predicament he had gotten himself into, but it turns out it was just a toy that he thought was broken. I have now fixed the toy, and saved the day. I will sign off for now. My "quiet time" is over, but we have still not entered sheer chaos, so I can still relax for just a little while longer. Once Jamie wakes up, I will be washing cloth diapers, so things will get interesting at that time! Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Boy you are really in the thick of things there, aren't you! No end to what problems you have to sort out in a day.

Quiet always meant something terrible was in progress...vicks all over the window, and much worse things. Sigh.

How old is the baby now?

I wish I lived next door. Or you did. Yeah, you. I like where I am! I'd come get the kids and take them to catch frogs at the stream!

CAT said...

Haha. Vicks on the window, eh? Yuck! I haven't had that yet. Here's hoping I do not. I have caught my older son guzzling syrup right out of the bottle many times in his life though. Yuck! My youngest will be 16 months on Thursday. LOL. How far away are you? Cody would love catching frogs! He is obsessed with flies and moths.