Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Supermom

Well, yesterday was an eventful day. I took my boys to town by myself. That doesn't sound like a big deal, I am sure, but with the ages they are at, combined with their gender and their crazy tendencies, this is a scenario that I normally avoid at all costs. I took them to the mall first, and felt fairly safe with them in the confines of a shopping cart. Fortunately for me, they were both in good spirits and there were no tantrums or anything else of that nature. I went to three different stores and a bathroom, and I survived! Seriously, this is a big deal for me. When I was pregnant with Jamie I could hardly even handle taking just Cody to town, as he was a runner and would just take off. I was not really in much condition to chase after him, and it was just plain exhausting. Jamie enjoys being in the shopping cart, so he is a bit easier. Cody hated being confined in anything and only wanted to push the shopping cart, or run away from it. He has also improved.

Anyway, after that we went to the hospital, which was a little bit more challenging. I had to park across the street, though not a busy one, and I had to carry my camera bag, my purse and the gift bag plus Jamie, who weighed 24 pounds three months ago. All of this in one arm, while the other hand was dedicated to maintaining a death grip on Cody so that he would not run in to traffic. It was strenuous, but we made it in. Phew. We saw baby Amy, who was born some time around 1:00 that morning, and all five of her siblings were also there. Jamie managed to do a faceplant on the tile floor and get himself a nice big red mark on his right cheek. He was a little out of sorts by then because he was hungry, and also had skipped his morning nap. We were just leaving when my parents-in-law arrived, and my father-in-law volunteered to help me get the boys down to the van. I was SO thankful! He is really amazing and always helps me with things like this, and even though I knew I could make it on my own, I was dreading it a bit. So, then we went and put gas in the van and then hit the McDonald's drive-thru. Both boys fell asleep on the way home. Jamie had his fist wrapped around a cheeseburger. It was quite adorable.

Oh, we even went to the post office on our way to town. We will be heading there again this morning because I am expecting a package. I ordered a sample pack of five cloth diapers to try out. I know it is weird, but I am really excited to get them and to try them out on Jamie. I hope I like them all. I also hope they arrive today, though I have a sneaking suspicion that they will not be here this week and I will get really disappointed when they are not. Somehow I get emotionally caught up in dumb things like that.

At any rate, after yesterday, I felt a little bit like Supermom. I even took my boys over to the farm for supper and they played with some of their cousins that they don't normally see. Now, my house looks terrible, but my boys had a good day, and it made my day go better as a result. Today, as I said, we will go to the post office. That is about a ten minute drive each way. It will probably be our only outing because it is supposed to rain today, but at least we will go somewhere. Maybe there is something to this whole getting out of the house thing. Haha.

Jamie is in his high chair with a thick yogurt beard, and a lot of yogurt hair gel. It is gross, but what can I do? He insists on eating with a spoon without assistance, and he equally enjoys making art with it. Sometimes I think he needs a bath after every single meal. Cody is running around in nothing but his underwear. I have discovered that boys prefer this type of outfit to anything. And now, a word enters my mind but does not escape my lips, as I see yogurt splattered all over my kitchen floor. I confess, this is why I almost never wash the floor. What is the point? Three times a day it is desecrated with yogurt, applesauce, peanut butter, cheese, macaroni, jam, syrup, and you name it. I cannot wash my floor three times a day, and to wash after one meal would only be discouraging when the onslaught of food slop came flying down at the next meal.

I better go and wipe up my youngest child before he does more hair styling. I might update this later, depending on how eventful our trip to the post office is. Bye for now.

Well, this won't publish, for some reason, so I thought I would update. I am back from the post office. I put Jamie down for a nap. He expressed his displeasure by throwing his head backwards into my face. I was thrilled. He is in bed now and Cody is watching Dora the Explorer. My package is here and I have not even opened it yet...I will do that right now....Ooo, these are cute. I am getting them set up now so that I can use them later. Maybe today we'll do an all cloth day...Or, I might wait and do it tomorrow because I am doing my other two cloth diapers in the wash right now and they will be hung to dry. They will not be dry until tomorrow. I have not decided yet. Hm. We'll see how these go! I'm going to try publishing this one more time.

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