Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not in a good mood...

Well, it's official. I'm in a bad mood. My sister in law is in the hospital, having a baby, and I am anxious to go see him/her, so I have spent my morning getting ready, including showering, doing my hair and dressing the boys. The van is packed so we can leave on short notice, and I'm really excited about it. I put Jamie down just after 11 am for a nap because he was getting grumpy and I figured we'd just go to the hospital after lunch, assuming she has had the baby by then. (This is her sixth, so I was not anticipating it taking that long.) Anyway, within half an hour, Jamie was blabbing and playing in his crib, so I decided that a better strategy would be to feed them early, at 11:30 and then put Jamie down right after that. Then I could wake him up if it was time to go to the hospital.

Well, that was a great plan, but I fed the boys and now I am just steaming because neither of them ate very much. Cody had one piece of toast with cheese wiz on it, and an applesauce and a yogurt. Jamie had less than that. I warmed him up some leftover macaroni, and he ate NONE of it, as far as I could tell. I gave him a piece of cheese toast, and he ate barely any of it, but did throw half of it on the floor. When he saw his brother indulging in applesauce, he made it abundantly clear that he wanted some too, so like an idiot, I gave him some. He ate three quarters of it, but not without taking off his bib and getting gooey applesauce all over the clothes that I had selected for him to wear to the hospital. He then threw his spoon on the floor, so now the floor is contaminated with applesauce, and he refused to eat anything else. Great. So, now that means that when we do go to the hospital, it will be on an empty stomach for Jamie, and probably without a full nap too, so he will be good and grouchy. Like me. Then, the phone rang, which I fully expected to be Bonnie or my mother in law, telling me that the baby was here, but NO. Another stinking telemarketer! They call every single day, and I TOLD them that Mike was away, but they still call EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! I was really rude to her on the phone. I felt slightly bad afterwards, but not terribly. It is not my fault they cannot take any kind of instruction and get it through their heads that he is NOT HOME!!!!!!!!!

Phew. So, that is my vent for today, I guess. I mean, hopefully that is it. Well, that and the fact that every five minutes Cody asks me if we can go to Grandmama's house, and then to Heidi's house (3 hours away)...etc, even though I continually tell him no, we are not going there, we are going to the hospital. Why the heck do I even bother with these things? This is ridiculous. I am an idiot for even telling him that we would be going out. Clearly I have no brain. I just can't seem to learn from my experiences.

And Jamie is being so adorable right now, pretending to talk on the phone and grinning at me, but I can't even bring myself to smile because all I want to do is cry. Maybe I should just plan to stay home today. I don't know what to do. Jamie will not be napping at all today, from the look of it. I think I need a bit of chocolate. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe I'll have myself a chocolate bar to calm the nerves and then I will just skip lunch for today. I am really not in a good mood.

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