Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rainy day

Easter morning has dawned gloomy and rainy in our neck of the woods. Cody slept until almost 7:45, which is about an hour past what he normally does, so that is good. He is now quietly watching the Wonder Pets, and Jamie is still sleeping, though he is stirring slightly once in a while, so he will be up shortly. I have bran muffins in the oven, and once they're done we can all eat. This does not mean I am getting more domestic, if that's what you are thinking. When I say that I made muffins, what I mean is that I poured the package into a bowl and added the designated amount of water and stirred. Then I poured them into a greased muffin tin. Yep. Challenging, but they always turn out well. I can make them in about five minutes, plus cooking time! Just call me Martha Stewart.

Mike should be on his plane by now. How bizarre to think of it. So I just looked up his flight information online, and there is no flight listed that is going to Denver this morning. What the heck is that supposed to mean??? Did they screw that up? I wonder if he is sitting at the airport wondering what is going on. Makes me tempted to phone someone and find out, but maybe they just messed up the website. I'm going to check Denver's website. One second...Wow. Hm. There is a flight listed, but a completely different flight number than what Mike gave me, plus it looks like it is United Airlines, and I think his flight number is Air Canada. Wow. Well, I guess I'll have to wait and maybe he'll call me from Denver...if he made it there.

Today we are invited to Mike's parents' place for a barbecue, with some of the family who are actually around. I have not decided for sure whether to go or not, but I will probably take the boys over there. Some of his cousins want to put together some kind of Easter egg hunt or something, so Cody would enjoy that. Not sure whether Jamie would care or not, but he definitely likes chocolate, so if there is any of that in the picture he would be all for it. He is still stirring a bit, but then sleeps a bit more, so I'll wait until he is totally awake before I barge in there.

That's all for now, I guess. There is not much to say first thing in the morning. It is pleasantly quiet here, and I am thankful. I hope it does not rain all week because I am counting on getting the boys outside. Jamie is officially awake. He is laughing and squealing, and talking in his adorable voice. I'm off for now.

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