Saturday, April 11, 2009

Single Mom for the week

Well, this week I may hit a new level of desperation! Mike left today after supper for San Diego, and he will be gone until next Saturday night. As soon as he left the house, things got raunchy with Cody, and before the boys were in bed I was already in tears from the multiple battles and the many incidents of Cody hurting his little brother. Admittedly, I am a tad bit more emotional these days than I should be, and I was also sad to be left without Mike for a week, but after the evening that we had I am even more apprehensive about what is to come the next seven days. Exhaustion seems inevitable, and here I am blogging when it is nearly midnight. Still, I felt that I had to post about my experiences as a "single mom" for the week.

On a positive note, this morning, Cody put his arms around me and said, "Mom, you make my heart very happy". Wow. What could be more sweet than that? I nearly cried. He has actually been really great the last couple of weeks, and I hope this week will prove to be a good one as well. He hugs me many times a day saying things like, "You know what I like, Mom? I like you!" or "Mom, I just love you SOOO much!" followed by, "You're a sweetie!" Haha. He gets that a lot, and now he is dishing it out too. It is really sweet and gratifying. He can be a handful, but he is so loving and amazing.

Anyway, it is too late at night to go on and on, so I must sign off for now, in hopes of getting a semi-decent sleep. I will try to keep up to date on my lonely week. Goodnight.

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