Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is Finally Here

Well, it's back to the grind again after a blissful week of having Mike home with me to help carry the load! We had a nice spring break, including our getaway and Cody's third birthday and taking the boys to the fair. Now I'm on my own again, and funny thing, I had forgotten how hard it can be! Right now we're doing fine though. Jamie is sleeping and Cody is watching Dora the Explorer, so it is nice and quiet in here. I would love to sneak in a nap, but don't think I could get away with it. As usual, I am running low on energy here. So much for the energy burst of the second trimester. In a week I will begin my third trimester, so we'll see what that brings.

Truthfully, I have been going a bit crazy with gender issues again. It is hard to imagine being more convinced that it is a boy, but things keep happening to make me more and more sure. Mike will not budge and still insists it is a girl because of something he saw on the ultrasound. Something that nobody else saw, that is. I'm not sure my sanity can handle much more obsessing over this. I thought I was doing well, but the other night I ended up crying when I became more sure than ever that it is a boy. It's dumb, because I am actually excited to have another boy, but I also want a girl in my life, and this is probably my last chance. But when I picture the baby inside me, I only picture a boy, and I love him so much already that I don't know why I can't just let this go. Crazy. In a way it makes me wonder if I should have just gone and paid the money at Babymoon and found out for once and for all, but I don't see the point in paying $100 for them to tell me it is a boy, when I already know it is!

Anyway, the baby is doing well, and is quite the acrobat. Similar to Cody, which scares me a bit!! Now to settle for once and for all on a name. Boy names are so difficult! We have had a girl name forever, but I really feel like we will never get a chance to use it.

So, on my list for today...I don't know. Where should I start in this house? I must say, the beautiful weather we are getting this week makes me want to clean more than usual. (Which doesn't say much.) It is going to be above zero all week, and we are finally seeing some grass in our yard, but just on one side by the trees. Then again, there really isn't much grass under that snow anyway! I am already sweeping the kitchen like crazy every morning now to get rid of all the sand that the dog is tracking in at night. I had forgotten the feeling of walking on grit in my bare feet every time I enter the kitchen.

Now Cody is going to watch the Backyardigans. This is a good show for kids because it encourages imagination, but I really can't stand it. For some reason, it irritates the living daylights out of me, so I don't let Cody watch it very often. He has some strange obsession with the character named "Tasha". For months he would pretend to be her and say, "I'm a girl, I'm Tasha", and it got a little old, and slightly weird. Haha. He has not mentioned her in a while, but yesterday he had a new cousin born, the first in our little (big!) baby boom. Her name is Zoe Natasha. When I told him that, he said, "Tasha? That's cool! Tasha, like me?" Shaking my head. At least he doesn't want to name our baby Tasha. No, he thinks it's a girl, but wants her name to be Franklin. You know, after Franklin the turtle. Hm. I told him that Frankie might be cute on a girl, but he didn't go for it. Franklin. That's his only option for a name. Good thing he has no say in the matter!!!

Anyway, I have to get some lunch plans going, so that I'm prepared when Jamie wakes up. Poor little guy is teething and has his top two eye teeth coming in. Supposedly they are the worst ones. Why do they call them "eye teeth" anyway?? He has been grumpy, and has thrown some pretty major tantrums. How do you discipline a 15 month old? He is finally getting to that place where he needs some gentle correction, but it's hard when he's so young. I will have to do it anyway, or I'm going to have a heck of a time with him when he is two! I'm off to the kitchen.

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