Monday, April 13, 2009

Warm Weather...Here Come the Bugs.

Where to start? The day was spent at home, so was considered "normal", but there was an unfortunate incident resulting from mass amounts of bran muffins ingested in a 24 hour period. No, the incident was not mine, though I was not without suffering either at the hands of the evil muffins. All in all, we did all right today. The boys were pretty good, and went to bed very well, before 8 p.m. I got a bit of homework done, and I just finished talking with Mike, so that was good.

My evening ended on a creepy note, when I discovered a fat fly floating on the surface of the water in one of my treasured "freezy cups". I was just about to take a swig of water too. I was so disgusted and grossed out that I refused to even reuse that cup for the night. I poured the revolting vermin down the drain and got a new glass of water and then headed for the hall. I flicked the lights off, and then was once again nearly compelled to pee my pants when Cody's wooden train puzzle spontaneously erupted into whistles and chugging sound effects. (Have I mentioned the puzzle before? It is determined to give me a nervous breakdown.) Then I discovered two live flies in my room. One was hovering around my lamp, and I was not able to get a good shot at it, but the other was cocky enough to sit directly on the flat ceiling, near my light, so I hauled myself upright on the bed and killed him in one shot with a dvd case. I used a kleenex to discreetly gather the body, but somehow had some kind of a mental block and forgot to throw it out. I guess I must have put it down on the bed thinking that there was no way I could maintain grip on the kleenex and the dvd and still step off the edge of the bed without killing myself (remember, six months pregnant here...), so there it sat on the bed, until I gave it another look and thought, "what is this kleenex from??". Then I picked it up to examine it, and realized it must contain the offending fly, so I opened it slightly and what do you suppose I saw? Moving legs, that's what. Yep, the blasted thing had resurrected itself. How do they do that? I had to ball it up in the kleenex again and squish as hard as I can until I could see real evidence of damage that could not possibly be undone, even by the "demon flies" with the striped wings. It is dead now. I also got the one on the lamp with my notebook (coiled, not laptop), and it was definitely dead the first shot.

So, it is now WAY past time for me to sign off, and I am going to go to bed. I shall try to update more, as it happens. Goodnight.

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