Monday, May 11, 2009

Air Freshener, Anyone??

Our day around here should be an interesting one. Right now, it is 16 degrees in this house, which is an improvement of a whole degree from this morning. We are having major issues with our septic system, and as a result this entire house stunk of sewage all night. It was so horrible. We had to open the basement windows as well as the two windows in our bedroom. It was much too cold to open the boys' windows, but their doors were closed and we turned off the air circulation, so I don't think the smell got in their rooms as badly. I was literally finding it difficult to breathe, and all I could think about was how this was going to poison us in our sleep. I was worried about myself, the baby and the kids. Mike did not seem to be bothered by it the same way I was until the heat came on. At that point, the furnace managed to pull the horrible air from the basement and shoot it into all of the rooms upstairs. That was when the smell went from gross to unbearable. Mike had to run and shut off the heat and then open windows. It was not a good night. I was up several times, as part of my third trimester rituals, and every time I got up I could hear Jamie talking in his room. I did not dare go check on him for fear that I would trigger a bawling session that would last an hour or more. At 5:45 a.m. I finally did check on him because he was crying. His diaper was not even wet. I think the real problem was that he was cold. Well, join the club!

This morning, my bedroom smells like cow manure, from the cattle that live not far from here. I consider it a vast improvement over last night. Eau de Cow Manure. Yes, much more my style, and believe me, I hate the smell of cows. I cannot turn the heat on or the air from downstairs will come up again, but it is supposed to get up to 21 degrees today, so it should get warmer in here fairly quickly. I'm not allowed to run laundry today, or flush much for that matter. Mike said I can run the dishwasher, but in truth I am still somewhat paranoid about it. The problem is, whatever water goes down the drain will not get pumped out, so if too much goes in, everything will overflow into the basement. Not my idea of a good time. The good news is, the house does not reek today, other than the bovine aura in my room, that is. I will not be showering today, which is unfortunate as well. I intend to go to get the mail today with the boys, probably in an hour or so. I am still expecting some mail that is kind of exciting, and I don't want to wait for Mike to get home to pick it up. Besides, it gives us an excuse to get out of here, if only for 25 minutes or so. I hope the mail is there, or I will be sorely disappointed. I am expecting more diapers to complete Jamie's stash, and also some other work-related mail that is very important. I am more stressed about getting that, at this point. I hope it comes today.

The rest of my day will consist of the usual. Policing the boys, feeding them, and trying my best to get it cleaner in here!!!! I will also try to prevent Jamie from doing things like feeding Tupperware to the rabbit. I'm guessing that their lifetime warranty does not include lids chewed through by rabbits. So much for that container. It was one I used often too. I'm glad that Oreo didn't eat the whole thing, as I'm pretty sure his little digestive system would not have done well with it. His cage tends to be a drop off zone for things like cheap plastic harmonicas, foam alphabet letters, puzzle pieces, and even occasionally a remote control. (Took us weeks to find that one. For some reason we never thought to check the rabbit's cage. Hm. That one was Cody though.)

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for my exciting outing of the day. I was not here this weekend for the weekly dump run, so I kind of got gypped of my "small-town outing" of the week. Going to the town where our mail is will be strikingly similar to a dump run, so I will get my fix after all. There is plenty of junk there, and it is very much like a ghost town. Bye for now.

Update: Okay, well my day now officially sucks. I finally got everyone ready to go and the van wouldn't start. It is dead. Completely dead. There wasn't even a click when I turned the keys. Guess what else? The keys were already turned part way when I got in there, which means that either MIke left them on the "accessories" setting, or he let Cody mess with them. Either way, I am extremely upset. Now I am stuck here. Trapped. No outing to break up the monotony. No new diapers. No money from work. Nothing to brighten my sewer-tainted day. Maybe if my hormones weren't all over the place from this pregnancy I might be able to handle this. As it is, I cannot. This will no doubt be a long day.

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