Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Rough Start

Oh boy. It is only 10:30 in the morning and already this day has been a complete disaster. Cody woke up before 6 a.m. this morning, and has not gone back to sleep. I actually have him in bed right now because of a massive blow-out we just had. So far today he has had a rotten attitude, and he has hurt his brother multiple times. He has hit me as well, and had several tantrums. (By the way, this is NOT Cody's normal nature! He is very laid back and sweet, and generally a very good kid. That is why this is so hard when he acts like this!) I was on the phone with my sister-in-law and I can't even count the number of incidents that occurred during that brief time. The one that stands out the most was when I went into the boys' room and they were in there together, playing "baseball". Baseball consisted of Cody holding a very large and heavy flashlight and then smashing it down onto his glasses, which were situated on his night table. Well, this put me into near panic mode as I lunged for the glasses and the flashlight, which I confiscated. That brought on a fresh and violent tantrum, consisting of hitting me multiple times. Yes, I was still on the phone at this time, but I hung up fairly quickly after that. I was so angry. It is a horrible feeling to have such intense anger at your own child. Those are the moments where it is tempting to get very physical in return. I went into my room instead and locked the door. Then I took that opportunity to use my washroom, and during that time I heard a loud thump and then Jamie start bawling. My anger came in another fresh wave. I had to rush out to Jamie. Thankfully he was okay, but I was still really ticked that I could not even use the bathroom without my poor little guy getting hurt. It was deliberate, of course, because Cody was mad at me for locking him out of my room.

I had to take him into his room and have a very serious talk with him, and then tuck him into bed. By the time we were done, his attitude was better but I told him he had to have a sleep. Yes, the very thing that I normally dread I now wish with every fiber of my being that he would do. I doubt very much that it will work though. I told him that we will not make "sprinkle muffins" (Cody's word for cupcakes) together unless he has a sleep. We'll see what happens. He is not sleeping yet, but he is pretty quiet, so that at least helps my sanity to have a fighting chance of returning to me...slowly. I need to clean the kitchen and the living room and the bathroom very thoroughly as we are having company for supper and the evening, but I am so wiped out. I have to cook too. Wish me luck with that. The kitchen is pretty clean already, except for the floor. That is the part I am dreading, and not sure how I will pull it off either because I have to wash the floor and I can't do it with either of the boys around. Anyway, I guess I should not be doing this right now because I have so much to do. I just really needed to vent this out. I desperately hope that Cody will actually nap. If he doesn't, the rest of this day will be very hellish, as has been the first part! I guess I'm off for now, to clean whatever I can, while I can. Bye for now.

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