Friday, May 1, 2009

Gross Times

Hm. Looks like I have taken a couple of days off from this blog. We are sick around here, so I have been somewhat preoccupied. On Wednesday I went to town and took Jamie to the doctor, as he has had the runs for a week. Yesterday was his third straight day of fever, and he was really not feeling well at all. Cody joined in the fun yesterday, which made for an overall yucky day for all of us. I'm not sure how Jamie is today yet, but Cody is definitely still sick, and it looks like I am now in the club too. Great. What I really need to do today is laundry, but I can't because we are having a problem with our septic system and I can't use more water than necessary. So, I will have to wait until Mike gets home to do the laundry. Jamie did a very small barf last night before bed, and I was stressed all night after that. Barf is one of the tests of motherhood that I have yet to pass. Well, in truth, I have yet to face it. Baby spit-up doesn't count, though it is kind of gross. In all his life, Cody has only ever really thrown up once, and I was working at the time, so his auntie ended up being the one who dealt with it. I have a major fear of barf. I mean, I'm scared to do it, and I'm scared of the thought of cleaning it up. Cat barf is doable, though gross. But people barf? Oh boy. Believe it or not, it is one of my biggest fears of motherhood. I have gone as long as 12 years without ever throwing up. So far, that is my record, and I hope to beat it some day. I am currently at just over four years. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who does not throw up when pregnant. I feel like it, but I never do. Phew!

Anyway, that is an unpleasant topic, to say the least. My challenge today, other than dealing with the above, will be to get my homework done. I am almost done, but how I will have any time to myself that goes beyond five minute increments, I do not know. My homework is due today, so I will have to make it happen.

Other than these mundane motherly duties and every day stuff, this week has been a difficult one for us. We found out two days ago that Mike's cousin's husband was just diagnosed with leukemia. This was very sudden and unexpected, and it is very shocking and upsetting for everyone. He is under 30 years old (I think about 27) and is married with a little boy who is turning two soon, and his wife is pregnant and due at the same time as me. He has a very fast-moving cancer and actually begins chemotherapy today, which will last at least a month. His name is Travis, so if anyone out there believes in God, please pray for him and his family. They are in for a rough time. It is so hard to understand why things like this happen. I don't think I want to say any more about it right now. I can only imagine how his wife, Kari, is feeling. Right now, it is hard to think of anything else.

So, my boys are eating (against my better judgment), and I have much to do today. I will probably have more time to post on the weekend than I have the last couple of days. Oh, and as for an update on a previous post, I still have not washed my kitchen floor. Hm. Bye for now.

P.S. Breakfast is over now, and while cuddling with Jamie I found a woodtick stuck up inside of his ear. Eewww! I had to pick it out and kill it. How did Jamie get a woodtick?? And so the season begins.

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