Friday, May 15, 2009

More Insanity

It's Friday at last, and not a moment too soon! Yesterday, Radar got sprayed by a skunk again. Yes, AGAIN. Some dogs are smart. Some dogs are dumb. Some dogs are somewhere in between. I guess Radar is one who falls in between. When he was a year old, he went after a porcupine and learned a very swift, very painful lesson. That was two summers ago, and he has not touched a porcupine since. Somehow, we never had a skunk incident back then and I was so grateful, but I knew that living out in the middle of the bush in Manitoba it was only a matter of time before he encountered one. I was right. Last summer he got sprayed by a skunk late one evening. He started barking and ran off the deck and then there was a yelp. I was worried, and ran to see what had happened. At the time, I brought him in the house and he stood there for a moment before the wave assaulted my nose. I panicked and kicked him back outside immediately, but it was already too late. Our whole house smelled like skunk. I guess I was not thinking, as we had all the windows open. After a few minutes it dawned on me that the smell was coming in the windows, so we ran around and closed them all. Looking back, I can't decide whether that was better or worse than our sewage smell that we had early this week. Perhaps it is fair to say that it was equally unpleasant.

Back then, I hoped and prayed that Radar had learned his lesson, but within a month he had done it again, and this time it was WAY worse! I know some people would be all about bathing him in tomato juice, but I really can't think of a good place to do that. There is no way I am bringing him in the house to bath him, skunk or not. He would scratch the living daylights out of the bathtub. Clearly, hosing him off would do no good, so I will probably do what I did last time and just let the odor gradually leave him. Fortunately, this time around is not as severe as his second skunk encounter, so hopefully in a couple of weeks the smell will not be noticeable anymore. Poor dog has a rejection complex now. I will not let him near any of us, including (especially) the kids.

This morning I woke up with a bad headache, even though Cody slept in. He was up last night with nightmares. It is 9:14 a.m. and Jamie is still sleeping. That is very unusual. I'm okay with it though! Cody came and cuddled with me in my bed for a bit, but he was begging for a snack. He finally left when I told him to go to the bathroom. He did not go to the bathroom though. I heard the distinct clinking of a spoon inside of a bowl, and I figured he was probably scrounging for remnants of ice cream in Mike's bowl from last night. Kind of gross, but I was not too concerned. You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now. When I came out, he was sitting by the couch with the canister of brown sugar open in front of him. He had a bowl full on the coffee table, and a spoon inside of the canister, and brown sugar all over his face and both hands. I freaked out a little and shouted, "NO NO NO!!!!!!" He then shrunk down on the floor between the couch and the table and started bawling. Then I felt bad. I was not really mad, but I cringe at the thought of the cooties in the brown sugar now. Obviously it is not good for him to be eating brown sugar by the bowlful either, but that was not my main source of horror. I just didn't want his germs in the main supply. I will have to try to assume that he only contaminated the stuff in his own bowl. Naive? Yes, of course. This is how I survive. It is akin to denial, really.

Jamie is now stirring, so I should go make him breakfast. I will probably not be back today because I am still struggling to finish my homework which is due today. I did a bunch of work last night, but I am not done yet, so if I get any quiet moments where my head is not threatening to explode, I will have to prioritize my homework above everything else. Bring on the long weekend!

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