Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy Day Today

Today will be a busy day. Had to get up early this morning so that I could shower before Jamie was awake. Cody was up already, of course, and was begging for a toy that he has not played with in months. I told him he'd have to wait, and he cried. I figured we might be in for a rough day. I have a doctor's appointment today, and unfortunately, I was not able to get anyone to take the boys for me so they are both coming with me. Probably sounds like no big deal to some people, but believe me, it is a big deal. I borrowed an umbrella stroller so that I can have something to strap Jamie into. That way I can more easily carry my stuff and hold Cody's hand. It is hard to hang onto him while carrying Jamie because Jamie is 24 pounds (probably more now as he hasn't been weighed since January). Did I mention that Jamie is bawling every few seconds for no reason?? Oh, and Cody screams "NO!" at Jamie for no reason? And I'm taking these two out in public today? As if I don't dread my appointments as it is. I feel kind of depressed. Mike also took the cell phone this morning, and I was supposed to have it, so if I have any trouble I will not be able to call anyone. I am not anticipating trouble, (well, at least not the kind that would require me calling anyone other than a psychiatrist maybe), but having the cell phone along does wonders for my peace of mind.

At any rate, this is not the type of day that I look forward to. Hopefully the doctor will at least not tell me I have a big butt today. I don't think my self-esteem can handle another blow. I'm feeling pretty ugly as it is these days.

Hm. This is sounding pretty negative. I better sign off for now, before it gets worse! I might give an update later, if I am able. Otherwise, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. I'll be leaving in about half an hour.

UPDATE: Okay, so my day went much better than I anticipated. Mike's Mom called this morning and offered to take the boys for me, so I did not have to drag them to my appointment. That was a major help! Yay! Then, my appointment was short and sweet, with no comments about my butt! Another bonus. After that, I went back to the farm and hung out there with the boys and my mother-in-law for the afternoon and Mike joined us there for supper. The boys were happy, (well, Jamie was a bit fussy...), and it was good to have a change of scene for once. I just felt like I should update seeing I was so negative earlier. I have got to start seeing the cup as half full! I'm off for now. Boys are both sleeping so this is officially my quiet time.

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