Saturday, May 16, 2009

We Took the Plunge

Well, it's official. Our boys now share a room. We moved Jamie's crib into Cody's room this afternoon and got them all set up in there. I am very stressed out about it, though I have been trying to project excitement about it. Cody seems excited now, but I am truly worried about how Jamie is going to adjust. This might be the end of sleep as we know it. We bought them a special night light to ease the transition. It is a ladybug that glows either red, blue or green and projects stars in actual constellations onto the ceiling. Cody is pumped about the night light, which he picked out. I planned on getting them one, but I really thought we were going to get a turtle. I was surprised when he insisted on the ladybug instead, but he was adamant and despite my fears, he never once complained on the way home that "I wanted the turtle!!!" Phew. That's one battle avoided.

I had hoped to be back from town early enough to put Jamie down for a nap in his new room before he had to go down for the night, but no such luck. We simply could not get everything done fast enough to make it back on time to move the furniture and enforce a nap time. Tonight will be the first true test, and it will test all of us. I'm most worried about Jamie, but the less Cody sleeps, the less Jamie will sleep too, so how one does is going to depend at least partially on how the other does. Tonight could be a breeze, or it could be a disaster. I am really scared. I know that probably sounds pathetic to anyone who either does not have kids, or has never had to have kids share a room this young, but believe me, it is nerve-wracking. I am very stressed out and I feel very alone, and quite depressed, actually. I have all of these things that I want to get prepared before the baby comes, and it seems like I am not getting anywhere, but it is up to me to do it all.

Anyway, I guess I should be working out there instead of hiding in my room. I just got so discouraged that I had to get away for a bit. I guess I should go vacuum what I can now no longer refer to as "Jamie's room". I guess it is "the baby's room" now. I feel sad about it, but only because to me, Jamie is still my baby. He's so little. I hope he is going to be okay through all of this. He has no idea there is a baby coming. I don't know how to explain it to him. At least Cody is prepared this time around. He gets it, and even spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon shoving his toy bunny up inside of his shirt and patting it, telling me it was kicking and that it would be in there for 30 hours and then he would have a tummy ache and go to the hospital where the doctor would help him get it out. Hm. I hope the 30 hour reference was not prophetic.

Anyway, I better be a responsible adult and face the music. I'm sure I will have updates in the near future as to how the room sharing is going. Bye for now.

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