Friday, June 5, 2009

A bit of a scare...

It turns out that yesterday ended up being more eventful than what I had originally posted. Shortly after I published my last post, I went down the hall and found Cody not playing with his GeoTrax, but rather sitting on my bed with a bottle of infant Tylenol in one hand and the dropper lid in the other. He had sticky goo all around his mouth. I FREAKED out. I asked him if he had eaten any and he said yes. I asked him how much and he said, "One, two, three!" with a big grin on his face. I figured he meant three droppers full, but then he said he also had a "sip". I grabbed the bottle and gave him a substantial and impassioned lecture about medicine and its dangers, which he clearly was not getting. I had to call the toll free number on the bottle for help because I didn't know whether I needed to take him to the doctor or not. I could not tell how much he had consumed. I ended up on the phone with poison experience that I had hoped to never have as a mother. The lady was very nice and assured me that even if he had consumed the entire bottle he would be fine. She said that there is a reason they make the bottles that small, and that there is no way a child could overdose on them. I felt terrible regardless. It was my fault that he got a hold of that bottle. I will have to be more careful in the future. When I called the number on the Tylenol bottle the guy there told me that Cody would be fine, but he had to take all my information because apparently whenever something like that happens, they have to report it to Health Canada, or somewhere like that. He is the one who put me through to poison control when we were done talking, just to be sure. The lady there told me that Cody would not even exhibit any symptoms, and that he would be totally fine. I was so relieved. I really felt like a bad mother.

The reason he even got a hold of it in the first place is because I let Jamie hold it during a diaper change just to keep him calm. He tends to get really frustrated and thrash around a lot during diaper changes, and it is very difficult to get him in a clean diaper. I hate it, actually. I don't care about dealing with dirty diapers, but it is exhausting fighting him through the entire process, and trying to keep him from kicking his feet into a poopy diaper, or rolling over while I am trying to get another diaper on him. I guess he threw it on the floor when I was not looking, and it ended up in his toy bin. That's where Cody said he found it. Yikes.

Today I am preparing for our weekend away, but still very exhausted so once again trying to stay awake and resisting the temptation to just go to bed. I probably should have just caved and had a nap, but it's too late now. Jamie is waking up. I kicked Cody outside for a while, and when I was in my room organizing and packing some things I heard him yelling and making a big deal out of something, but I didn't check on him because it sounded pretty typical for Cody. Not long after, he came in the house and informed me that he saw a snake on the hill and that he was really scared of it. I thought the snake part was mostly amusing, seeing snakes in these parts are small and harmless. It was the hill comment that disturbed me. He assured me that he did not go up the hill but the snake did. Then he said he wanted to go pat it. I said no, because he is not to climb the ridge when we are not with him. In the end, he decided to stay in the house for a while, so I feel a little safer with him contained here. He is watching TV now. He just told me that he is really tired. I know he is telling the truth! I am too, but again, Jamie is awake. I cannot sleep if Jamie is awake. I might go lay down anyway and let Jamie stay in his room a little longer. I think I will do that. I may not post this weekend because of our trip, but we'll see how I do. Here's hoping today is less eventful than yesterday was!

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