Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doctors and more doctors!

Yesterday was more eventful than I had planned. I had my 37 week appointment, which means that officially I am full term, even though I am not due for another three weeks. I took the boys with me and my sister Andrea took them while I went to my appointment. As usual, the appointment was quick. I was in and out in ten minutes, I think. Seriously, my doctor is so punctual and the appointments don't take that long if you don't have a bunch of questions. So, that was nice. I picked up some lunch for the boys, myself and Andrea (some very healthy McD's...) and then after a short play time, I packed up the boys and left. On the way home is when things started to get gross. Cody started yelling that he needed to poop, which caused me some significant concern seeing we were a good half hour from home and there were no bathrooms anywhere along the way. I asked him whether he could please hold it until we got home. Then he started having a tantrum saying that he wanted a muffin. Okaaaayy.... Andrea had baked muffins for them at her place, but Cody had refused to eat one because he did not like them. Jamie did not have the same aversion. He was happy to consume a large portion of a muffin along with his McDonald's, though he ate more muffin than happy meal, which is probably a good thing. So now, suddenly Cody is really upset because he wants a muffin. I told him that I didn't have one so he was out of luck. This did not alleviate his distress.

At some point, it became clear that he was hungry, so I gave him his french fries, which he had not eaten earlier. He ate them all and then had a tantrum because he did not want to hold the garbage anymore. Sheesh. So, I took the garbage from him, and by the time we got to our road again he was hollering about having to poop and having a sore stomach. I was getting stressed by now because I knew something was wrong, but I did not know what. For those of you who don't know me well, I have something of a huge fear of the stomach flu...specifically of throwing up. Cody is over three years old and other than spitting up as a baby he has thrown up a grand total of once in his life, and I was at work at the time so I did not have to deal with it. I have not thrown up since 2005, and prior to that since 1993, (no, not even in pregnancy...though I feel like it through my first trimester each time), so I avoid it like the plague. Sadly, I am terrified of the time when my kids will develop a gross stomach flu and I will have to clean up after barf or help them while they barf. I don't care about poop. Sure, it's gross, but it will not make me hurl.

Anyway, I got him in the house and to the bathroom, expecting a bit of an explosion, but there was none. He seemed to be okay. I started to think that maybe he was just hungry, and he told me he was. He wanted a snack. So I gave him one. But then he was just so fussy and crying and upset about everything that I put him to bed. He cried and cried and would not settle down, which is unusual for him. Then I noticed that he kept holding onto his ears. I asked him about it and he said his ear was really sore. Uh oh. It was the left ear, and every time I asked him which ear it was he pointed to the same one, so I knew he was not lying. I asked him what was wrong with his ear and he said there was McDonald's in it. I didn't know what to make of that. I then asked him if he had put something in his ear. He said yes. I asked him what it was. He said there was a big huge fox in there. Okaaaaayyy... We were not making any progress. Anyway, after about an hour and a half of him crying almost non-stop and writhing around, I figured we had a serious problem. Mike got home at about 4:30 p.m. or so, and I took Cody back to town to see a doctor. We had to cancel our evening plans, as we had friends coming for supper, so we felt bad about it, but Cody seemed to be in genuine distress so we had to do it. He slept most of the way to the walk-in, and thankfully he was quiet in the waiting room as a result. We waited about 15 minutes to get in, which was not bad, and sure enough, he has an ear infection. Not a bad one, but for sure an infection. So, he is now on antibiotics.

He is much better today so far, probably partially from sleeping, but last night was so horrible. He bawled and bawled before, during and after his bath. Thankfully, he fell asleep right away and did not wake up in the middle of the night. We'll see how he does today.

As for me, I am doing much better today too. I think yesterday I was just hungry or something. My doctor did not seem to concerned. He said the baby's heartbeat was good, and the baby has moved down a bit, so that is also good. I am still not getting much done today, but definitely doing better than I was yesterday.

Cody has taken to grabbing the front of my shirt and pulling it down to look inside to see if he can see the baby. How wonderful for me. I have told him not to do it, and that it is rude. I keep redirecting his attention to my belly instead of my chest and explaining that the baby is down there. He asks if he can see it. I keep telling him that it is not in my shirt but right inside my tummy so we can't see it, but he does not seem to get that. He is getting very excited about the baby and keeps asking if he can hold it. I hope he'll be as excited when it comes. I don't remember whether I have posted this already or not, but he has told me (just to be funny) that if it's a girl he wants to name it "Garlic Bread". Haha. Crazy kid.

Anyway, this is probably long enough for today. I have to try to get it a bit nicer in here. Andrea is coming over this afternoon for a visit, and there are a lot of toys all over the place, as usual! I'm off for now.

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