Monday, June 29, 2009

Home Alone 3

I am home alone again this evening, and it has not gone well. I have zero patience left at this stage of the game, and both of my boys ticked me off royally tonight. Lately, Jamie is into everything, and it drives me nuts. I constantly have to chase him, and I simply can't right now. Tonight, he went onto the table and got a container of applesauce that Cody had mostly eaten, and he grabbed a spoon and brought it into the living room. Oh boy. I was upset, and tried to grab it before him, but not before he whipped it all over his clean pajamas and onto the carpet. I yelled at him, and he is not quite 18 months old yet. He had a big grin on his face the whole time, which would have been cute if I hadn't been so mad. Cody and I battled for an hour over whether he would clean up his toys or not. In the end, he did not, so he went to bed without a story. He knew that was his choice, but it did not stop him from throwing a massive tantrum when I did put him to bed. Lately he has this new stalling technique too. As soon as you put him to bed he whines and cries that he is hungry. It is a very useful technique, because it makes me question my judgment every single time, but I believe that he is simply manipulating me and that he is not hungry at all. He did eat supper earlier than usual today, but not by a huge margin, so I decided that it was too bad and he was going to bed. If I had offered him a snack he would have sat there and twiddled his thumbs for half an hour or more, thereby avoiding bedtime as much as possible. I decided that I couldn't take the risk tonight. Have I mentioned that I am seriously WAY too pregnant to be left alone with these boys at bedtime? This is the third night in a row. Sometimes I get so mad I wonder if I am going to put myself into labour. And I'm still not ready for this baby yet.

My house is still a mess, but is improving. Yesterday, Mike washed the kitchen floor and he even used Pinesol instead of that blasted swiffer. I used to love the swiffer, but now I despise the smell of the cleaner and I hate that the floor always feels sticky after it has been "swiffed". So, the floor was clean for a grand total of about 15 minutes. After that, the boys had lunch and we were pretty much back to square one. In fact, later in the evening my pant legs dragged through some red jello that I did not see and I had to throw them in the wash immediately because it got all over my ankle and my pant leg and everything else. Anyway, I have also done some more baby laundry, and now have the baby bath tub washed and stacked with fresh baby towels and wash cloths. Mike also assembled the cradle for me yesterday, so it is set up in our room with the sheets on and a few blankets spread in there (that say "baby boy" all over them...), and right now the baby tub is inside of the cradle too. I would have put it under the cradle, but I have a strong suspicion that if I had done that my cats would have found it a perfect place to sleep and then I would have had to wash the towels all over again.

This afternoon I made two lasagnas. One is in the freezer to save for a meal for after the baby comes, and one we will use tomorrow evening when we have company. I am also currently doing diaper laundry, so that will be my accomplishment for this evening, I suppose. Technically I should be doing dishes right now, but I am not going to. I will be sitting here on my butt for the evening, reading or journalling, or whatever the heck I feel like doing. Jamie is still awake, unfortunately, but this seems to be his pattern lately. I just changed a very gross poop, so I am assuming that he is now clean but simply not wanting to sleep. He seems to have vaporized one of the animals from his mobile, so I had to take the rest off because they were hanging at a funny angle and I just had a strong feeling that he was going to break the crazy thing if I left it on there. Unfortunately, he is more attached to his mobile than I had realized. He complained to me, using baby syllables and facial expressions, of course, but I got the message loud and clear. What I can't figure out is, where in the world did the other animal go? I mean, if he removed it during his nap, which he obviously did, how far could it possibly have travelled? It is not behind his crib. I don't think it is under his crib, though I confess that I was unable to bend over far enough to really check thoroughly. I didn't see it on the floor anywhere between his and Cody's beds, so where did it go? I know it will turn up eventually, but until then I will not be putting the mobile back up because I don't want him breaking it by pulling it down and snapping the plastic rod that is holding it up.

Another thing that baffles me is, what position is my baby really in? Seriously, what I feel right now feels like he/she is in there sideways and the head is on my right side, below my rib cage. I just don't get it. I hope this baby is not breech. I do NOT want a c-section. Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment, so hopefully he will be able to shed some light on it. This coming Friday is the third, the day that I originally wanted to have this baby. Now I don't feel ready. I don't know. It's my Grandma's birthday that day. Her 95th. I just thought it would be so special to have this baby on her birthday. Now I'm thinking maybe I should wait another week after that. In reality, I am pretty sure that it will be at least 2 1/2 more weeks until this baby comes, and I dread hitting my due date with absolutely no indication that a baby is coming soon. However, I have been there before and I will survive it again.

Jamie is now laughing and squealing, and I can tell he is trying to rile up his brother. I better go check on him. I hope he does not need a diaper change, as they are all in the wash. I guess he might need a disposable tonight!!! I'm going to sign off. I'm making myself feel sick again anyway, talking about the baby coming. Any detailed thoughts about labour and delivery make my stomach clench. Scary, eh? Imagine how I'll be when the time comes. Okay, I better go.

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