Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Another Day

Cody has gone outside, at my insistence, so I am alone with Jamie in here. Well, Cricket is also with us, and making more noise than he does. It is nice to separate the boys now and again during the day when they are both up because otherwise there are fights or stealing of toys, or just plain dangerous activities. Jamie had a very horrible head bump this morning. I was doing dishes in the kitchen and heard the horrific bang and then Jamie wailing. I ran (well, if you can call it running in my current condition) down the hall and picked him up and he was inconsolable for a long time, which is not normal for him.

Hehe. He is having a tantrum right now due to his sadness that Cody just went out the door without him. His tantrums are still pretty cute. He is thrashing his legs and everything, laying on his back on the floor. Mostly he is just really bummed that his brother is outside and he is stuck in here.

Anyway, I think his head is okay, but there might be a bump there. It is hard to tell for sure. His legs, on the other hand, are absolutely covered in eczema and we don't know what is triggering it. I am now wondering whether he is allergic to grass on top of whatever else the problem is, because he was outside in shorts recently and sat on the grass with bare legs. Since then, his legs have been absolutely horrible but the rest of his body is not bad at all. So, wondering whether that could have triggered it?? We have stopped using bounce sheets on the boys' clothes, plus I am back to using Tide Free, in hopes that it will help. We are wondering about milk allergies, but I am getting stressed about not ever giving him milk because he needs the calcium. I might have to take him to see his doctor and maybe he can help me figure out a plan to help Jamie. Poor little guy.

Our day here is going all right. It is kind of a roller coaster day. Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down. I mostly feel like falling asleep, and I am having a hard time not doing so, but I cannot do it because these boys need supervision. They are really both so cute. I can hear Cody humming to himself as he plays outside, and Jamie is making little motor sounds while he plays with a toy truck. He is so adorable. He's frustrated about something right now, so he took a little plastic container, charged over to the stairs, gave me a bit of a look, and hurled it down the stairs. I think he was making a statement. He is good at those. Now he is trying on my shoes, which are too big even for my feet. They are perfect for late in pregnancy when swelling is gross.

That reminds me, I had my 34 week appointment yesterday, and all is still well with the baby, and with me too. My blood sugar level is "excellent", said my doctor, so no worries about gestational diabetes here. Nice. I figured as much, as I have never had that problem before, but nice to know all the same. Baby's heart rate was sounding good, though the doc didn't specify what the heart rate was. I kind of like to keep track, but it's dumb, I guess. I like to analyze because of gender stuff, but that's dumb because both of my boys went against the stereotype (which is a confirmed wives tale anyway), so the heart rate on this one would tell me nothing. Either way, the heart beat is strong, and that is what I am looking for! Can't believe labour and childbirth are only about a month and a half away. I am getting a stomach ache again, as I do every time I think about it. Haha.

So, on that note, I'm going to go. I'm falling asleep anyway, so I barely even know what I am saying. Nothing really too exciting to report at the moment, but I must keep reminding myself that dull is a good thing around here. I'm off for now.

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