Monday, June 22, 2009

Last Monday before Mike is on holidays!

Here I sit in my living room, in denial. I love denial. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Jamie is in bed, but has not slept a wink since I put him down over an hour ago. See? Denial. I should just face facts and get him up, but I am trying to keep the ratio at one kid per adult for the moment. I tried so hard to do some cleaning this morning. Cody was really upset and over tired, so I put him to bed at 9:30 this morning for a rest. I told him I was going to go do some cleaning. He instructed me to do it fast, like the Cat in the Hat. Hm. I told him I would do my best.

So, I headed to the kitchen and started with the dishes. Weekends seem to be notorious for piling up dishes around here. Somehow, I am more inclined to do them when Mike is not home. I think it's because on the weekends I always hope to have a weekend in a break from my job. But I don't get a break from my job, because my job is currently my life. So, I got to work on cleaning up after the weekend, but I didn't get that far. I unloaded the clean ones, and rinsed the dirty ones and then got the dishwasher mostly loaded, and already I needed to sit down. How pathetic.

To my great shock, Cody fell asleep. He didn't just have a short rest either. At 10:40 a.m. I put Jamie in his crib in their room and Cody did not stir, even when Jamie did his hyper and happy crib dance all over his mattress. I told him to "shh", to which he responded "ssshhhhh". It was adorable. I left, telling myself that if Jamie woke Cody it was not a bad thing, seeing he had already been in there an hour. Soon, there was silence in this place. Wow. In retrospect, I wonder what sort of strange drug I took unknowingly that I did not take advantage of that time and have a nap myself. I guess I was not as tired then as I am now. At 12:30 p.m., Jamie woke up. Cody did not. Cody slept until 1 p.m. I fed the boys lunch shortly after that, so we're having kind of a weird day. Anyway, I'm still surprised that Jamie is not sleeping now, but I really should just bring him out already. Somehow, I feel too overwhelmed to deal with it.

We are invited to the farm (in-laws) for a wiener roast at 5:30 tonight, but suddenly I'm so tired I don't know whether I can go. I might send all the boys without me. Hehe. I will have to see how we do. We are having company for supper tomorrow and it is (as usual) a disaster in here. I need some help to get it cleaned up. I'm hoping to coerce Mike into helping me, seeing I can't seem to do it myself.

Jamie has a new little habit too, which is funny when you are not 8 1/2 months pregnant. He has discovered the boundless joys of unrolling a whole role of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom. Once it is all piled up on the floor, he likes to throw it around, and make sure it is not all in one unbroken line anymore too. So even when a person begins the impossible task of re-winding the toilet paper onto the roll again as neatly as possible, it turns out that half the roll has been separated anyway so there is no getting it onto the roll again. So now our main bathroom, the one that guests use, has a big pile of toilet paper on the counter, and a very loose messy roll on the actual roll. Jamie grinned at me when I saw him standing there in the mess. That is the second time he has done that in the last week. He also attempted to empty a kleenex box. It's like owning a puppy or something.

All you-know-what just broke out in our house. I don't know what has come over Cody, who was doing very well this afternoon, but Mike just got home and brought a milkshake for Cody. He took a few sips and said he was done and didn't want anymore. That in itself surprised me. Then Mike offered him some Coke. Yes, Coke. I was not really thrilled, because I am not really big on little kids having pop of any kind, other than a sip here or there, but seeing he was just having a few sips I decided not to worry about it. Then he ended up with a whole sippy cup full. I was not happy. I asked Mike (when Cody was about halfway through the bottle) whether he really thought it was okay that Cody had a 3 1/2 hour nap this morning and was now downing a massive load of caffeine. He conceded that no, it was probably not a good idea. Then he had to confiscate said Coke, which went over something like a lead balloon. Cody has been hysterical ever since. It sounds like he has finally calmed a tiny bit. Oops. False alarm. He's going again. Wow. I don't know whether I have EVER seen him like this. It's so extreme. He is sick, so I am going to attribute it partially to that. He is currently blaming his state on the fact that he wants the sippy cup that Jamie has. (Mike accidentally gave Cody the Coke in Jamie's sippy cup. It has since been emptied and filled with cold water for Jamie, and Cody is freaking out because he wants that cup. Seriously.)

He has just summoned me, assuring me that he has calmed down. I will be back.

Well, that was a while ago. I had a good talk with Cody and we prayed and after he was done praying he said, "I think my tears went away," and they did. Now the house is quiet and empty. The boys went to the farm with Mike and I am here alone. As much as it is difficult for me not to just go to sleep, I have to take this opportunity to shower and do my hair because I won't have a chance tomorrow morning and I have a doctor's appointment in town. Tomorrow I am officially full term. 37 weeks pregnant, and feeling it. Looking it too, I might add. As much as I still stand by my predictions from my last appointment, I am not as upset about everything as I was a week ago. I have two baby boy outfits hanging in my room and every time I am in there I stare at them and try to match names to them to see what fits. If I have a boy, he will be adorable and precious, just like my other two. I hope that I will find a name that I completely love, but I am counting on God to help me with that.

Anyway, I have to run and get going so that I will be ready to help clean when Mike gets home, after the boys are in bed. Not that I am expecting Cody to sleep after his long nap and his super-dose of caffeine, but hopefully he will at least stay in his room. Maybe I'll have an update tomorrow after my appointment, though I may not have time with company coming for supper. Wouldn't it be something if my doctor told me my baby was small?? Haha. Don't worry, not counting on that at all! I'm off for now.

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