Friday, June 12, 2009

Middle of the night snack attacks

So last night was not the most triumphant sleep that I have ever gotten. It started with what I am learning is actually heartburn, a common side effect of pregnancy. Well, I think that's what it is. This horrible pressure like everything in your stomach is being forced up into your esophagus in a large balloon...I had that all evening yesterday. The only relief was to try to burp, which would help for approximately three seconds afterwards. Yes, I felt very attractive, burping and waddling to the toilet and back to pee every half hour or so. I tried pushing the baby down in my stomach, but I got kicked in response, so I guess that is a no go.

I did eventually fall asleep, but at about 3:30 a.m., Cody began whimpering off and on, which is very unusual for him. I listened for a while, assuming that I would need to go in there and calm him after a nightmare or something, but he quieted down enough to let me get to that blissful "almost asleep" place, and then he started again. It got more intense, so I decided I better go in there so that he did not wake Jamie up. I went to see him and he was crying and said that he really wanted a peanut butter sandwich. Hm. Okay, at 3:45 a.m.??? I offered him water instead and he accepted, as long as I made it "supery-dupery", which translates as "really cold". I got the water, and told him he was to be really quiet and go back to sleep. I went back to bed and returned to the land of "almost asleep". I hate that place. It is better to skip it and just go straight to sleep. Being wrenched out of "almost asleep" is worse than being woken up from actual legitimate sleep. Cody was still upset in his room, and eventually Jamie piped in and tried his best to make it into a party. He squealed and laughed loudly, and I was getting increasingly annoyed. I still had that gross heartburn feeling, though not as severe, and the baby had some kind of violent pow-wow inside of me. Maybe a pee-pee dance, or something? Well, it was starting to get light outside and I was still awake. I lost count of how many pit stops I made during that time, not to mention how many times I traveled to and from "almost asleep". Eventually, I broke down and turned off the monitor. When I say that I broke down, I am quite serious. Here it was, 5 a.m., and I was still awake.

Jamie was up with the birds, despite his late night fun, and I ignored him as long as possible, which was until about 8 a.m. Cody did not make a sound until 9:30 a.m., a record-breaking sleep-in for him. It did not help me though, because I did NOT benefit from the luxury of a similar sleep-in. I am not in the greatest mood today, and for some reason I am ridiculously hungry, even right after I eat. Jamie is in a TERRIBLE mood, which is very out of character for him. He is still very cute, but has been doing things like crying hysterically for reasons unknown to anyone other than himself, and having angry outbursts directed at me for changing his diaper or even trying to give him a cup of water.

I tried so hard to get my homework done this morning while Jamie napped and Cody was outside, but both of those things ended prematurely, and now I am in survival mode. I wanted to get my homework done this morning and then do my cleaning and packing this afternoon and evening, but I think I am officially up the creek. We are going away this weekend again because Cody has a specialist appointment on Monday morning to see about his eyes and how they are doing. The Stanley Cup final is on tonight, so I will not have help with whatever organizing needs to be done for the trip. I just hate the end of hockey season. Not because it's over, but because of the excessive amounts of hockey that I am subjected to every week. It's okay during the regular season...I am getting used to it after nearly nine years married to a hockey fanatic, but the playoffs are too much for me and eventually make me bitter and tremendously annoyed. Not that I'm irritable lately or anything.

Anyway, I just ate lunch, but I am feeling very hungry, so I'm going to grab another snack from the kitchen before I feed my boys. Here's hoping the rest of this day doesn't get too rough. I don't think I'll make it if it does. I'm off for now.

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