Friday, June 19, 2009


This morning started out nicely. It was quite cloudy out, and despite the predictions from yesterday for rain and thunderstorms, the forecast was changed to sunny and hot. This did not thrill me. Yes, I know, I am warped. Truly, I would prefer a cool, windy day over hot and sunny any day, unless I was planning on doing some swimming in a lake or something. I was happy to see that it was good and cloudy this morning, and there was even a wind, so I got brave and took both boys outside. Cody is easy outside because he stays in the yard and plays very well on his own now. Jamie is not as easy, and though he loves the outdoors, he is usually napping when Cody gets his time outside. Today I figured the wind would keep the bugs away and the clouds would keep the heat away, so it was perfect. Jamie wandered around while Cody ran and played, and I sat up on the deck in our porch swing, watching. It was quite pleasant.

We had an odd sort of afternoon though. My sister in law called and wanted us to come to her place to watch her two girls because one of their ponies escaped and they had been unable to find it. So, we did go, and it was hard for me because it was hot by then, and no longer cloudy, and at her place we were strictly outside. So, I watched as my boys got redder and redder in the face, and I started to feel ill. The thing is, I don't know why it affected all of us so badly, because it was not supremely hot outside, but maybe just all the direct sunlight was what did it. I'm not sure. My nieces had no problems whatsoever, which left me wondering whether it is just that I am not outside enough to have acclimatized to the summer conditions, and same with my boys. (Especially Jamie.)

At any rate, thankfully my brother in law got home after about an hour, so I brought the boys home. Jamie missed his nap, which was unfortunate, but he is doing fine. I, on the other hand, feel like collapsing. How pathetic is this? I really feel ill. Mike is on his way home and he is bringing Pizza Hut, which is a rare treat for us, and I am wondering whether I'll even be able to eat one piece. Plus, now I am getting paranoid too, as I write this, wondering when was the last time I felt the baby kick. Not that I think the sun would affect the baby, but I thought, what if I'm not feeling well because something is genuinely wrong?? I'm sure it isn't, but sometimes I have these paranoid moments. I hope the baby wakes up soon. Maybe I should poke his bum a bit. Hm. he is still not moving. Maybe some pizza will wake him up. I better go. Supper is here.

Okay, I'm still feeling weird, but the baby moved a bit during supper, so my paranoia has settled at least a little bit. Usually "he" is much more active in the evenings anyway, so we'll see what happens this evening. If there is not much movement, I might get checked tomorrow. I'm paranoid because of other girls' experiences that I have heard about recently, and I'd rather not take any chances. Don't worry though, I'm sure I am being over dramatic at this point in time. Maybe I'll tag on an update if this baby kicks the living daylights out of me later. Bye for now.

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