Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quiet day. Ahhh.

I am as tired as I can be, and desperate for a nap, but I can't unless I put the TV on for Cody, and I am reluctant to do so. Jamie is sleeping, and has been down for about an hour and 15 minutes or so. He missed his morning nap because I took him and Cody to get their hair cut in Oak Lake. Jamie is grumpy today, and I am not sure why. Maybe he is overtired, or maybe he is getting sick... It is hard to say.

Cody just came in from outside. It is now raining out, very lightly. It is my kind of day. Not the rain so much, but it is cloudy and windy, a tiny bit cool-ish, and I can feel a wonderful breeze throughout my house. I have not used the air conditioning once this year, and it is June. Okay, for some people that may sound normal, but I really hate the heat, and as soon as it gets really hot out my air conditioning gets turned on. It has been a cool summer so far. While that bothers a lot of people, I am not one of them. I wanted spring to come earlier than it did, but I have absolutely no complaints about the lower than average temperatures so far this summer. Couldn't have planned it better myself. I was dreading being pregnant at this time of the year. I'm sure that by the time this baby comes it will be terribly hot, like usual, but the longer it stays cool, the better. I can smell the rain now, and it is refreshing. It would be a good day for baking, if I had the energy. I have not done much today in terms of usefulness. I have not cleaned, I haven't even stuffed the diapers that I washed. Yikes, I better do that now before Jamie wakes up and needs one!

Okay, diapers are stuffed and folded. Jamie is now fussing. I'm kind of bummed about that. I was really enjoying the quiet around here. Cody is in Jamie's old room, playing with his Geo Trax. It is nice to have them in the other room. It is almost like having a separate play room for him. We will have one of those once the basement is finished, but that is going to be a long time from now, by the look of things! Only because of finances though. Other than that, nothing is stopping us from having it finished this summer or at least by the fall. We even got the call today that our new toilets are in. Finally. I can't remember whether I blogged about the crazy toilet sale way back when. It was on February 21st, and it was ridiculous. Like a boxing day sale, only strictly on these dual flush toilets. They were supposed to be in within 8 weeks, but again, ours just came in today. I'm glad we didn't need it all this time. We got one for the basement, and one to replace the sub-standard one we have in our main bathroom that has never flushed properly. Ew. That is one of my worst things. Toilets that don't flush. So, maybe next week some time we'll have the main bathroom one installed. It will be a long time before we're ready for one in the basement. If only money really did grow on trees. We have a lot of trees here! I guess I am going to have to keep brainstorming for a way to make money from home.

Anyway, going to sign off for now. Jamie seems to be settled once again. Hopefully he will remain so for a while! Meanwhile, I will continue to resist the urge to crawl into my bed and fall asleep!

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