Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, today is my due date. Do I feel any closer to delivery than I did a week ago? If anything, I almost feel further from it. I don't hold out any hope of going into labour today because almost nobody has their baby on their due date. Okay, I know some people do, but it is not common, so I am not expecting it. That means that I am almost officially on my way to being overdue yet again. It seems to me that I had another baby boy dream last night, but now I can't remember it. If only I were completely settled on a boy name and totally in love with it. That would make this much easier. I just feel unprepared for a third boy, even though I am sure that is what we are having.

Cody is in his room right now. He is very grouchy today after getting up at 6 a.m. We had a very loud crash of thunder here this morning. It shook the house more than once, and I was concerned that the boys would get scared. Instead, I heard them laughing in their room. Cody exclaimed, "I like rain and thunder!" Well, that's good! Unfortunately, they did not go back to sleep. Cody is highly unpleasant today as a result. So far, Jamie is fine, but he will probably go for a nap in a bit. He just finished a nice snack.

It is a rainy and gloomy day here today. I'm not sure what we will be doing. Probably nothing, I guess, but I will have to find something to distract me from my "pregnantness". Maybe Jamie will be distraction enough. He is a maniac these days. His latest trick is to go into the baby room (formerly his room) when nobody else is around and climb to the top of the change table. Then he stands on it. Okay, that's a bit scary. So now we have to keep that room closed, even though that is currently where Cody's Geo-Trax are. Jamie loves to get a rise out of me by doing something scary when I'm watching and then grinning at me to let me know that it's all a part of his little plan. This kid is going to be trouble! It's so hard to discipline him too, because he is so cute and so stinkin' funny that it's almost impossible not to laugh when we are trying to rebuke him. I hope this next baby is angelic and easy to deal with!!! Well, I always hope that.

I had high hopes to go to the dump today, to get rid of some more garbage. It helps to keep things less cluttered around here. Maybe I'll enlist Mike to help me do some more cleaning today. He is very "anti-dump" today, because it is "humid" outside. Hm. Okay. I guess he is concerned about wet garbage in the mini-van. I personally would just put it into a fresh garbage bag from in the house and load it up, but I guess that's just me and my non dump-skills.

I better go. Jamie is throwing himself around on the couch, and Cody is emerging back into the day with the rest of us. So far it is not a smooth transition. I'm going to go. I hope that some day I will have baby news. I hope that my original prediction of July 21st was wrong. I asked Cody yesterday what day he thought the baby would come. He told me Saturday. I asked him what the baby will weigh and he said "One, two, three and half". Hm. Smaller than my doctor's prediction, but who knows?? Then I asked him how many hours I would be in labour. He said, "Three." That sounds nice. I'll take that.

Meanwhile, I guess it is time to clean some more. How exciting.

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