Monday, July 6, 2009

Doctor dilemmas.

Yesterday was better. But as soon as I started this entry, all you-know-what broke loose. Okay, daddy has taken over now, so I have at least a few minutes peace. I kind of wish my bedroom was soundproof so I wouldn't have to hear the crying and whining outbursts in the other room, but I guess you can't have it all, right? Maybe I should put on ear phones and listen to my itunes.

I am suddenly exhausted and wondering why I am even bothering to post in here at all. I am not really excited about my day, as I was supposed to have the morning to myself to work on my homework, but it has not totally worked out that way. I have accomplished nothing so far. This afternoon, Mike is having three hours to himself for his own homework, so I will be on my own with Cody. Jamie will hopefully sleep for most of that. I'm not sure what is happening this evening.

I called the doctor's office this morning to try to book an appointment for Jamie because he is now 18 months old and is due for needles and a check-up. Way back a while ago, I knew he would be due for this in early July, and vaguely registered that it was going to be awkward to time an appointment for him when I would either be at the doctor's myself or I would have a newborn. At any rate, I did not book an appointment because they will not let you book that far in advance at my clinic. I confess, it kind of slipped my mind until a couple of days ago. I then determined that this morning I would call and book something as soon as possible, hopefully before I have this baby. So I called, and to my shock and extreme disappointment, Jamie's doctor, who is also Mike's and Cody's doctor, has left the clinic. I asked where he left to, and the answer was Ontario. Oh. Okay. I told the receptionist that I was completely unaware of this, and she told me that it was in the paper. Okay...Well, I live in the boonies and I don't get the paper, which I told her. So, I asked her what was happening to his patients and she said they were mostly being referred to a new doctor at the clinic. I asked her about the doctor that I have been seeing for this pregnancy and she told me that he is also taking new patients, only I am not sure that I want him to be my boys' doctor. So, I said I'd try him. She put me through to his receptionist on the other floor, and I found out that he is booked solid until July 23rd. Well, God-willing, I will have a new baby by then, and don't really want to take Jamie in at that time. I don't really want to make an appointment either. So, I talked to Mike who confirmed that he does not want that doctor to be his doctor. So I phoned back to make an appointment with the new guy. Well, he's on holidays. Almost everyone is on holidays, I'm told by the same receptionist that I spoke to earlier. (I recognize her voice, and I really like her, but seriously, today she is snarky and I am really annoyed by her!) She said that only walk-in is available this week. I asked her if they do needles on walk-in and she said no. So why did she tell me about walk-in then?? Anyway, I told her that I'm due to have a baby next week and I don't want to make an appointment for then. I asked her if it is a big deal if he gets these needles late. She then tells me that most people book these appointments in advance and then they don't run into these situations. Now I am angry. I told her that I have had a lot on my mine, being 9 months pregnant and I simply forgot until now. She then suggested the public health nurse, and I said I would try that. I am really upset about this whole thing, even though it may not seem like a big deal. I called public health and no one was there, as usual. I left a message for the nurse to call me back tomorrow when she is working. I hope I can get in there. I have a feeling I'm going to have trouble with them too, but I'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm really ticked off about this whole thing. I can't believe the receptionist made it seem like I'm an idiot or something because I did not book way in advance. They don't take appointments months in advance. Besides, would it be so difficult for them to send a notice in the mail to his patients that he is leaving the clinic?? Why would you rely on the newspaper to get that information out? I'm sure he has patients from out of town further than we are. My pregnancy hormones are not reacting well to this entire string of phone calls.

So, that is my vent, and on a different note, I am still very much not in labour. Not that I expected to be today, but last night I was up at 4 a.m. with bad cramps again and lay awake for over half an hour before I could fall asleep again. Even still, no action or any sign of labour whatsoever. So today I am tired and now I am angry at that receptionist and I'm upset that the boys have to get a new doctor. Theirs was really good. I'm telling you, this always happens at my clinic. I had one doctor there, who left after I had Cody. Then I had one that I loved, and she is now gone due to illness. Now I have her husband, but I'm not really sure that I'm wanting him for my doctor. I just don't know what to do. There are few things in this life that stress me out as much as seeing doctors, but my previous doctor was so amazing that I actually looked forward to seeing her. I miss her. I truly hope she comes back. Tomorrow there is a full moon, and according to some, labour and delivery wards are way busier when there is a full moon. Apparently they put on extra staff because there are not only many extra cases of false labour, but there are also many people whose water breaks spontaneously when there is a full moon, or close to it. Tomorrow is the 7th, which was one of the days I thought would be good for having a baby, but Mike still insists it will be on Thursday, the 9th. I just don't know anymore. I'm back to thinking I will be overdue, and wondering whether my shattered emotions will be able to handle it.

I was hoping that after my difficult weekend I would be back to having tons of help from Mike and that we could finish organizing the house and preparing for the baby, but I found out on Saturday night that he has 14 assignments due plus a major paper, sometime in probably the next four or five days. Great. So basically I am thinking that I will not see him at all until this baby is born.

I also had the most bizarre and disturbing dreams last night that I've had in a long time. I'm guessing that his hormone-related too. So, I think I have pretty much said all I need to say for now. I suppose it would be bad to skip out on the rest of my appointments and just wait it out til this baby comes, right? Hm. I wish I could. Better not though, in case baby turns out to be in jeopardy or something. I still don't know what we'll call him if he's a boy. Kind of stuck on that one. I think we are settled if it is a girl. I think I better go. I just feel weird about everything right now.

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