Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First full day at home.

Well, after our first full day home with all three boys, life is looking pretty challenging. We are very tired and I had a migraine today for the first time in a few months, so that did not help. I am very sore, mostly from feeding the little man, and still a bit weak, and feeling quite sad. I can't wait for these first couple of weeks to pass so that I can feel somewhat normal again. Micah has slept most of the day, so I am dreading the night. Last night was rough because he kept choking. He seems to have a lot of mucous and when he tries to cough it up or swallow it, he panics and ends up doing these violent burps and then throwing up. He coughed up some bloody stuff earlier this evening. Apparently they can have old blood in their stomachs that they cough up. Still, it is kind of freaky. I dread the night. This is the worst time of day. Knowing that bed time is imminent and that it will probably not consist of much sleep. I find it hard to take, both physically and emotionally. This morning Cody woke us up yelling at the top of his lungs, for no reason. Not angry or scared, just playing or something. It was absolutely obnoxious. Then he helped himself to chocolate chips in the kitchen, and fed some to the dog as well. Yes, chocolate is supposed to be toxic for dogs. Sheesh. So, I should be in bed now, but I was dumb and didn't go to bed. I was cuddling Micah for a while, but Mike has him now. He will probably eat in about 40 minutes, and then I hope that by 11 p.m. he will be satisfied to have at least one long stretch of sleep.

Nothing much to add for today. I am very overwhelmed, and Cody keeps crying and complaining that the baby is not a girl, and that we did not name him "Thonas" (his pronunciation of Thomas). So, whenever he cries about it not being a girl, it sets me off a bit too. I feel like I have disappointed my own kid, and that makes me feel bad.

Anyway, I have to go, before I upset myself. Tomorrow we take Micah to meet some of his cousins and his auntie. Not sure if his uncle is coming too or not. I hope I can handle the outing. Goodnight.

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