Friday, July 3, 2009

It Won't be Today.

Well, this was my number one pick for the date I wanted my baby to be born. My Grandma turns 95 today, and she is awesome. I thought having my baby on her birthday would be a great way to always remember her birthday, even after she is gone. However, it looks like nothing is happening. I knew it was wishful thinking, because my babies never come early, and I still have a week and a half til my due date, but I still can't help but be disappointed. I have that gross heartburn pressure feeling up in my chest and throat, so I can only assume that baby is messing around and is not down low where he/she is supposed to be before the birth. Oh well. Didn't I say recently that I was convinced it would come on July 21st? I know I did, and I was very convinced and I was at peace with being overdue. I have since changed my mind. How ridiculous of me.

The nice thing is, our house is getting a real work over, so it is starting to look great in here! The baby's room is very clean, albeit void of a crib and also containing a treadmill at the moment. Still, it looks great in there compared to the past month or two. My room has been rearranged and the furniture is back where I like it, plus the desk and computer have been moved back downstairs. What a relief that is! I can actually get to my closet and dresser now without getting stuck! The living room is clean, the kitchen is clean...We need to work on the boys' room, but that is not as urgent. I still need to pack my suitcase for the hospital, and I might do that today. Right now I don't feel like doing anything. I should probably check on Cody real quick though. He is outside. Jamie is in bed sleeping and Mike is not home. He has gone to town to do errands. I'm guessing I won't see him much before supper time, but who knows? I am not too upset just now because it is blissfully quiet in this house. I hope it will stay that way for a while. I really wanted to go to town too to do errands, but we simply had no one to take the kids, and it would have been too stressful to drag them along. So, Mike went alone, and I might go in alone later. Not sure yet. Waste of gas, I know, but I really do need to go in at some point.

So everyone is on edge now about this baby. I called my in-laws house this morning and I think my mother-in-law panicked a bit when she saw our number on the call display! Haha. Every time I call someone now I'll have to start by saying, "No, I'm not in labour." My parents left for the lake this afternoon, and my Mom asked me to call every day to keep her informed because if I don't she will go crazy wondering. I have a strong suspicion now that they will get to stay the full week at the lake with no interruptions from me and the baby. Bummer in a way, but I guess it's okay. The longer the baby stays in there, the more we can get done to prepare, so that's okay too. Still, every time I stand up a tiny part of me hopes that my water will suddenly break and I'll have this baby today after all! I'll probably be blabbing about this to an annoying excess in my blog because it is so much on my mind. It's basically all I am thinking about right now.

Guess I'll sign off and try to get some more stuff done around here. Maybe I'll do some homework so that I don't miss my deadline when I do have the baby. I'm off for now.

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