Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MORE doctor dilemmas??

I had my appointment today. I was not looking forward to it, as the whole weekly appointments thing is getting old. It went all right, for the most part. My doctor confirmed again that the baby is big, but he didn't seem to be terribly concerned about it. He also reiterated that the baby's head is not "engaged" (baby hasn't dropped yet) which I knew because I still have pressure in my esophagus at times. He said that could mean that I will go overdue. No kidding. Hm. But at the end of my appointment he said that he is going away so next time I have to see a different doctor. Oh boy. Here we go again. Does this happen every time, or is it just me??? I asked him when exactly he is leaving. He said Friday morning. Well, Friday afternoon, I guess. So if I don't have this baby by Friday morning, I will have a different doctor, unless baby waits until after the 20th, or somewhere around there. I can't remember now. I was kind of upset, just because I hate the whole lack of stability issue, but odds are very high that I will deliver while he is gone. I had to remind myself that I have been very nervous about this delivery and I have prayed more than once that God would put the right doctor there and nurses too, for my delivery. Maybe my doctor is not supposed to be there for some reason. The new doctor is a man, and someone I have never heard of before. I looked him up on and he only had one negative rating out of 13. The rest were pretty much perfect ratings, so hopefully he is good. I met him today. My doctor introduced me to him. I don't know, I just keep sighing and telling myself that this will all be over soon. If the boys' doctor was not gone, I would have requested him. He delivered Jamie and he is an excellent doctor.

Anyway, I am home now. I went and did some errands after my appointment, so I did not get home until almost 2:30 p.m., but that's okay. I got some new pillows and some new bed sheets, and I'm excited to try both out. They are being laundered right now. Not the pillows! There was a sale on in the quilt store in the mall.

Mike is outside right now with both boys. He got a lot of homework done today, but still has more to do. He is hopeful to finish it all today. I sure hope he does, because I want to feel free to go into labour at any time! Not that I could stop it if it happened, but I don't want to have to stress about his homework while I'm in labour and in the hospital afterwards. I don't even like that I have to stress about it right now. I really should get mine done too. It is due one week from today. I am halfway done already, so maybe that's what I'll do tonight. Then tomorrow maybe Mike and I can both focus once again on doing some organizing in this place so that I feel ready for this baby once again.

I guess I should go. It is almost supper time and the boys just came in so I should find out what's going on. Oh, Mike came in alone, so he is rushing back out to check on the boys. Cody is fine outside without supervision, but not Jamie. I hope it rains tonight. It is cloudy and windy, and I am craving a thunderstorm. Nothing dangerous, just loud and dark. Maybe it will happen at bed time when I am laying my head down on my luxurious new pillow and reveling in the feeling of my new bed sheets! Watch, my water will break and wreck them the first week I have them! Haha. Oh well. I better stop babbling in here before this gets even more ridiculous.


Drahdrah said...

My doctor was on vacation when I delivered my daughter last year. I actually liked the doctor that delivered me more than the one that was following me... hopefully it will be the same for you. Hang in there !

CAT said...

I am hoping the same thing for myself. I really believe that sometimes these things that seem annoying at the time are actually for our own good, but it is not always easy to see that in the moment. Here's hoping whoever delivers me will be pleasant and very competent! Around here, the nurses are more crucial than the doctors anyway, until the last part of things. Hoping I get good nurses!