Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My new baby

Well, perhaps most of you know or have figured out that my baby has finally come. On Sunday evening I was called into the hospital for an induction, 12 days overdue. I was induced at 6:20 p.m. and labor started almost immediately. I won't get into all the gory details in here, but despite being my fastest it was by far my most intense labor experience and it was very difficult. Soon after contractions started they were often closer than 2 minutes apart and I did not have much of a break in between. At 11:15 p.m. my doctor returned and broke my water, an experience that was painful and traumatic enough to leave my shaking. Then the fun really began. I was only 5 cm dilated at that time, so I figured it would be a while yet. By about ten to 1 a.m. I told the nurse I really wanted to push, but when she checked me I was only 6 cm dilated so she told me to fight it. I was in agony. I had only the laughing gas to take the edge off the contractions and this time around I found that it was nowhere near sufficient. About 10 minutes later I was pushing and the nurse asked whether I was pushing and I said yes. She told me to wait and she checked me again and the baby's head was right there. She yelled, "Somebody call the doctor and get in here and help me!!!" Then all the nurses came in and I pretty much gave one big push and he was out. Yes, it's a boy. The cord was around his neck, but the nurse got it dealt with before he was totally out, and he is very healthy and adorable. He weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces, so he was actually my smallest baby yet, at 13 days overdue. A whole pound lighter than Jamie was, exactly. His name is Micah Levi, and he's really cute and sweet. I love him with all of my heart and was thrilled as soon as he was born. At this point I'm pretty sure he will be my last, as that experience was one that I don't ever wish to repeat!

Anyway, I am quite tired so I will not linger in here today. Things are already challenging with the three boys in one house at once and both of the older two are a little bit out of sorts, which is to be expected. I will update again when I can.

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Drahdrah said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!! I'm so glad you finally got to meet him !