Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am taking a break from the "nesting" that I am doing. I was alone with the boys all morning today, but I decided I didn't care and I was going to tackle the baby room anyway. I sat on the floor in there, which was probably a mistake, but I had no other option. Then I hauled out all six or seven boxes of baby clothes that I needed to sort through. Actually, there might have even been more than that. Crazy, eh?? I pulled out all the neutral stuff I could find and put it in a pile. Then I stacked the three boxes that are not my own baby clothes for Mike to take to the basement for temporary storage. I figure if it's a boy I'll haul them back up and pull out the rest of what I want to use. If it's a girl, I will not need to. I have to confess, I did have a very small box of girl stuff from a co-worker of mine, and after some debating I decided to keep a few of the outfits out. The ones that are really cute and not stained. There are hardly any, so I thought I might as well wash them along with the neutral stuff and it will be easy enough to put them away again if this is a boy. So, I am making progress in the baby room, but believe me, it doesn't look like it! Now there is a pile of baby clothes in the middle of the floor, and several empty diaper boxes laying around, plus two boxes and a bin with toys that need to be organized. There is also the change table in there, a dresser, a treadmill (of all things!) and Cody's GeoTrax stuff. He has a track set up right now, which FINALLY has been moved into the corner where it is not in my way for using the change table.

Some people think change tables are stupid and a waste of money. Mine was neither. I got it for free from a friend, and I have used it every day since Cody came home from the hospital over three years ago. I hate changing babies on the floor. I find it awkward, and there is a bigger chance of getting pee or poop on the carpet, even when you use a changing pad. So, hats off to the change table. It is a most welcome invention in my house.

Anyway, I also have a baby car seat in there, a diaper genie (a not-so-welcome invention as it turns out) and an exersaucer, all scattered about. Oh, and a play pen too. Good thing we have not set up the crib yet. Seriously, it is crazy in that room. But, I have made progress and that makes me really excited about this baby. That sounds dumb, but what I mean is that the closer my house gets to being ready, the more excited I am to actually have this baby already. I really want to have it on Friday, but there is no part of me whatsoever that believes that will happen. I have no signs that labour is near, and let's face it, I am two weeks (minus one day) from my due date, so there is plenty of time yet. Goodie. I don't really want to face this entire weekend alone either, which is exactly what is going to happen to me, so if I had the baby on Friday I wouldn't have to. Yes, the plan at this point is for Mike to be gone for the entire weekend, probably for 12 hours at a time each day...maybe even more. The thought right now makes me want to just lay down and give up. I am so desperate for some time to rest without chasing little boys around, but it seems like it is never going to happen.

Right now, Jamie is napping and Mike is working on cleaning up the basement so that our freezer is actually accessible for my parents when they come to stay with the boys. Cody has mostly been down there helping him, so that is nice because it means he is out of my way. He has been pretty good today though. This morning was a bit difficult because I did not put Jamie down for a nap at all so I had to chase both of them, and this might sound lame, but once I am sitting on the floor I can't really get up again without a supreme effort due to back pain, and just the awkwardness of my body right now. I also can't crawl to another part of the floor, so I tried to situate myself in the most convenient place possible in the baby room and then I had Cody bring things to me when I could not reach them.

Anyway, this has not been a very exciting post, but I was just on the phone for a while, so I think my break has been extended far enough. Time to go back to work.

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