Friday, July 10, 2009

A night out, and still no baby

Well, I had a night out with the girls last night. I was very tired all day, to my disappointment. I was hoping to do a ton of cleaning yesterday. Mike finished his homework all on Wednesday night, in somewhat of a panic after I started having contractions that kind of hurt. However, they did not go anywhere in the end. Hm. So, Mike and I were both done our homework and I figured it was a great opportunity to do some more organizing around this house and getting ready for this baby. Instead, I spent the last half of the morning trying to nap, and the entire afternoon sleeping soundly. It was nice, actually.

Then in the evening I met the girls at the movie theater in town and we saw "The Proposal". It was pretty funny, albeit a little bit graphic in parts. I had contractions throughout the movie, but nothing like what I was kind of hoping for. Sure enough, once the movie was over, my contractions pretty much were too. We went out of appetizers and dessert after that, which was also nice. I told the girls about how I had prayed that God would give me dreams about baby boys so that I could get pumped about having another boy, but then I only had two and they were both bad dreams. That was a couple of months ago and I have not had one since. Then last night I dreamed that I was changing my baby, even though at some level I knew it had not been born yet. I was staring at the "parts" and asked someone for a second opinion on whether it was a boy or a girl. I don't remember who I asked, but I knew that she thought I was having a girl. But sure enough, she confirmed what my eyes were already seeing. It was a boy, and there was not even any question about it! In my dream I was aware that the only reason I would even ask for a second opinion was pure denial. So. Confirmation? Or just my brain speculating? I guess I will not know until this baby comes out, which seems altogether too far in the future right now.

Actually, I have decided that the ideal date for the baby to come is now this Sunday, the 12th. My parents will already be in town, plus my in-laws will all get home that day after the wedding they are going to in Saskatoon. If I have the baby today or tomorrow, there will be almost nobody here to come and see us in the hospital. Not that I want to be overwhelmed with visitors or anything, but I do like to have my family and Mike's family meet the baby in the hospital. It somehow is different than coming to our house after the fact. Anyway, I guess God has some kind of a plan, but I don't know what it is.

I have to say that I feel like I am at the lake right now. It is absolutely gorgeous outside. My windows are open as they have been all night, and there is the most refreshing cool wind blowing in here. It is only 14 degrees out right now, but to me that is heavenly! It is only supposed to go up to 18 today. We'll see if that really ends up being the case. I sincerely hope so. This has been the best summer I could have asked for to be 9 months pregnant. I can't believe how cool it has been, especially at night.

Anyway, I guess it is time to sign off for now. Mike is making breakfast in the other room (we're running a little late this morning) and I am very hungry. He has been timing my contractions this morning, which I find funny. They are only Braxton Hicks, they are not the real thing. I am still hoping my water will break on its own when I am truly in labour so that we know without a doubt what is happening. Here's hoping for Sunday. That is my next impossible goal!

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