Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday, July 18th, 2009. Four days overdue. No signs of impending labour. No inkling that this baby has any desire to come out at all. Just the same kicking of my bladder, stretching so that I feel like a scene out of alien, and pushing up into my rib cage so that I feel like hurling. Let's not forget that this baby is getting bigger every day, and the longer I remain pregnant, the more time I have to contemplate the wonderful details of this upcoming birth.

Fortunately, I have had lots of help this week from Mike, who has done tons of cleaning, cooking, and looking after boys so that I can rest and sleep and just generally hide in my room. I have been hiding quite a bit, actually. I think Cody is starting to stress a little, though I know it is not a conscious thing. He probably wonders deep down why his mommy is constantly in her room with the door closed, and always laying down or not feeling well. Feels like this will not end this weekend. How can this be??? My stomach is sick again today, but I don't think it means anything. Blech. This truly is a long and drawn out process.

I have nothing else to report at this point in time. I wish that I did, but so far, nothing. I guess I'll sign off for now. Desperately hoping that I'll have news soon.

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