Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4:50 in the morning...

I'm up feeding Micah again. I had a very difficult day yesterday and spent most of my evening in tears. Feeding Micah has been so incredibly painful that I've had to resort to using ice packs in my bra prior to each feeding and then bawling my eyes out while he nurses. I have been putting him in a different position and trying hard to make sure he is latching on properly, in hopes for an improvement overnight. Well, I think it may be working. This is still hurting but I didn't cry out in agony when he started. I hope it will continue to get better so that I don't dread feeding him every time anymore.

Micah also seems to have some kind of eye infection, so I may have to high tail it into town in the morning to see a doctor. I don't mind going, but my parents will be here by about 11:30 a.m. so that doesn't give me much time. My grandma has decided not to come because she is afraid she'll find it too tiring. My grandma is 95 and she is awesome. She never complains and she travels a lot, so for her to say that makes me sad. If she says she's not up for it, she really isn't. But she is going away soon, so she will not meet Micah now until he is at least 6 weeks old, I think.

At any rate, I'm glad my parents are coming anyway, and my mom is going to stay for a few days. I am so relieved about that.

Anyway, this one-handed typing is awkward and irritating, so going to sign off. Goodnight.

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