Friday, August 14, 2009

Alone with three boys...take 1!

"I'm going to go pick up the tractor so I can work on the boys' play structure", Mike told me earlier. Sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong. I have three boys here, and NONE of them are napping. This is not good. I wondered how in the world I was going to survive, though Mike assured me he would only be gone 25 minutes. If that were the case, I would not have been too concerned, but Mike's "25 minutes" often evolve into hours, so I was not really excited about this development.

Sure enough, after he left it all hit the fan. Jamie took it personally that Mike left without having taken him outside first. Then he got really clumsy and kept hurting himself. I finally turned on the tv to a kids' show, a tactic that I have not resorted to in a very long time. Then I had to take Micah, who was very distraught, to change his diaper. While he was on the change table enjoying the open air, he pooped. Anyone who has had a baby knows what kind of poop we are talking about here. So, I was quite horrified and used the last few wipes cleaning it up, all the while hoping that he would not go again while his diaper was off. While he screamed on the change table, I heard Jamie start wailing again in the background. Great. Hurt again. Well, I couldn't exactly run to his rescue in my current situation, so I hoped it was not serious and I finished changing Micah while both of them continued crying. By the time I emerged into the living room again, Jamie was fine, so that was good. Eventually, I got Micah to sleep in his bouncy chair in the play pen and I left Cody in the living room. Actually, I guess I technically left all of them in the living room. Then I took the cloth diapers to the baby room and organized the change table. It is all a blur to me now. At some point, Mike got home again, and it was not much longer than he said he would be, so that was good.

Cody and Jamie watched out the window as Mike drove the tractor around, moving lumber and who knows what else. I was still on the floor in the baby room organizing baby clothes and beginning to feel antsy that I was not working on my homework. It is due tomorrow. Cody went outside, and I asked Mike to take Jamie out too. He told me if I got Jamie's shoes on I could just send him out. Okay, fine. I can do that. So I grab Jamie, who has locked himself in my bedroom...never a good thing. I found him on my bed with Micah's soother in his mouth. Wonderful. I took the soother away and was greeted with an unmistakable odor. Jamie had definitely pooped. So, I pick up all 26.5 pounds of him and lug him to the change table, despite his verbal and physical protests. I changed him and took him to the door and begged Mike to come and get him because I desperately needed to use the bathroom myself. Not long after that, I abandoned my task in the baby room in favor of doing some homework while I was "alone" in the house. I picked up my laptop and sat down, and then Micah started to cry. Then I heard a loud blast from the bouncy chair. This was a tell-tale sign that I would not be able to ignore his cries and hope he returned to sleep. I then got him and changed yet another poopy diaper and brought him back to the living room to feed him. He is now on my lap, relaxed but not asleep, and making it very difficult for me to type. I hope he does not puke on me. I have a blanket on just in case, but he spits up a lot these days. He soaked all the hair on the back of his head earlier when he spit up while on the change table (multiple times, I might add), and it was bad enough that he had to have a bath. His eyes are rolling back in his head now, so I think he might want to go back to sleep, though I am not necessarily counting on it.

This is a day in my life right now, and that was only having been left alone for half an hour. What the heck am I going to do when Mike goes back to work? And I am now in another predicament because it seems that my eye is inflamed again and I am on drops every hour. That in itself is not too horrible to deal with, but it means seeing the specialist again, and I dread it. That is a story too long to type right now, but I will say that I have an appointment to see him next Tuesday in town, and usually it is at least a two hour wait before getting in. That means I have to sit in a cramped waiting room with a newborn for two hours or more, waiting to see a doctor that I really don't like. If I could opt out, I would, but this is a serious condition that I have and to leave it untreated could have serious and permanent consequences. So, being that he is the only ophthalmologist in the whole city, I have no choice but to see him. Actually, last time he refused to see me because he was not on call and I was sent to the big city instead, nearly three hours away. That was when Jamie was 9 months old and Cody was not even 2 1/2. I may end up in a similar situation this time, but I sincerely hope not. He did refuse to take me on a referral once again, but then he called me and said to come on Tuesday. So, that will begin another saga. I will have to see him, then in mid-September I will have to haul all three boys to the big city so that Cody can see his specialist there. I hate all these appointments.

I asked Mike yesterday, why is it that all these moms that I know are okay with taking all three of their kids to the grocery store at once, or just out on any kinds of errands but I am scared spitless to do the same. Is there something wrong with me? But then I realized that my kids are extremely close together, and for me to take three out in public at once is practically impossible. Not impossible, but insane. That is a better word for it. Seriously, what would I even do if Cody needed to use the bathroom? How and where would I contain both Jamie and Micah while I helped Cody? I suppose I should ask myself whether that will actually improve with age or not. Once they are all a little older I will have a different sort of dilemma in that they are all boys. I can't go into the men's bathroom with them, but I can't really take them into the women's either...but I don't really want my young boys in a public bathroom by themselves, without a parent...Yikes. Well, these are dilemmas for the future, not for now. No sense worrying about something that I can't deal with yet, right?

Anyway, I have a baby falling asleep in my arms, smiling periodically, but I also have a roast in the oven that needs checking, and I have an awful lot of work left to do on my homework, so I am a little bit stressed. I must confess though, I am not terribly anxious to put Micah down. I have hardly cuddled him today and he is so sweet right now. You should see his little smile. (It is not a conscious thing. His eyes are not even open, but it is adorable nonetheless.) So, looks like I should sign off for now. Maybe I can coerce Mike into peeling potatoes so that I can do some homework. Time is getting away on me here. I am procrastinating. I'm good at it.

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