Friday, August 28, 2009

Better day.

I survived yesterday, and my first week alone with the kids is nearly over. Yesterday I managed to clean the kitchen, do laundry, take care of three boys, bake a brownie and complete a search for my missing Lilypad. I did find it, as it turns out. It was under my bed. I had looked there multiple times. How typical. Cody and I battled it out once again, but we survived. We had a nice time with company in the evening too, and the kids stayed up a bit late playing with their friends.

Now Jamie is napping, and Micah is also asleep, but he is fidgeting, so I suspect I will be feeding him soon. I just deflected Cody with the TV. Not a good habit, but it's Friday, and he has been pretty good today. I am not accomplishing much. I was going to nap because I was falling asleep, but Cody is not going to make that possible, and Micah will be up soon anyway.

Speaking of Micah, he slept through the night last night. Yep. Yesterday he was officially one month old, and I fed him at 10:12 p.m. and he did not eat again until 5:15 a.m. He also slept the entire time in between. No fussing. Wow. I was very thrilled with that development. He then did not eat again until 9:00 a.m. I don't know that he will make this a habit, but wouldn't it be great if he did?! I still only got about five hours of sleep, but five hours of uninterrupted sleep is like a gold mine when you have a newborn. In fact, I did not even get that much uninterrupted sleep for the last several months of my pregnancy, due to bathroom breaks in the night.

I don't have much more to say right now because I am just too tired. But I will leave you with this cloth diapering moment from a couple of days ago. Mike was in the bathroom with the boys, who were both in the tub. Mike was spraying off a poopy diaper of Jamie's into the toilet with our wonderful diaper sprayer. I was in the living room feeding Micah when I overheard Cody say, "Dad, you're a great poop cleaner!" Hm. Maybe he should include that on his next resume update!

Anyway, I guess I'm off for now. Going to rest and read a little more. Too tired to think about homework for now. Turns out we have a big family event on tomorrow, so once that is over I will have to spend a lot of time on my homework which is due on Tuesday next week.


Rox said...

So good to hear you have had a better day Cheryl!! After reading you comment about Dunstan Baby Language I have pointed Danny and Tricia in the direction of purchasing it from I had heard Mike had a new position at work... I had no idea it was head poop cleaner!! Way to go Mike!! Blessings Bob and Rox

CAT said...

Hey, let me know if D & T decide to buy the dvds. I'd be curious about their perspective on them. There are some people who don't like them, but most really do. I certainly have loved them and I think I have had happier babies because of being able to respond to their correct needs instead of just feeding them every time they get really fussy!

And yes, Mike is a pretty decent poop cleaner. Haha!