Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Are Officially Rednecks...

Okay, so on Thursday evening, Mike took a load of stuff to the dump in the back of his dad's truck. He had done a bunch of cleaning and organizing in the shed, so there were a few things that needed to be thrown away. I am always glad to get rid of some more of the junk that is around this place, seeing we have dealt with so many "leftovers" from the previous land owner. Imagine my surprise when Mike arrived back from the dump a while later with more stuff than he had taken to throw away! He brought home four mountain bikes that someone had thrown away. To me, if someone threw them away it means that they are no good anymore. To Mike, this was seen as an opportunity to take the four bikes and try to use various parts from each of them to get one or two functioning bicycles.

Well, yesterday was the big day, and Mike did a lot of work out there and by the end of the day he announced to me that he had three bikes that worked, and one that was still useless. Wouldn't you know it, the only one that did not work was the only woman's bike. The others are two men's bikes and a youth bike. Hm. Oh well. So, I took Micah outside to check out our new rides, after the other boys were in bed. Mike took Micah for me and I took the smaller men's bike for a spin. Yikes. Okay, first of all, perhaps it was a little soon to ride a bike. I will be waiting a few more weeks before I try that again. But, aside from the fact that I just delivered a baby, that was the most awkward feeling bike I have ever ridden. I don't even know how to describe the angle that I was sitting at. After I returned from my very short, very spastic trek, I informed Mike that it was NOT a very nice bike. He responded in shock. His exact words were, "What are you talking about?? That's the best one!" Well, there's another strike against acquiring your bikes at the local dump. At any rate, I assured him that I would try it again once my body could handle it. We shall see how that goes.

This entry has taken me all day because I forgot that I was in the middle of it. This is the worst time of the day right now. Jamie is looking for trouble, Micah is getting fussy and we have booted Cody outside. He has been very snarky lately, and has also taken to talking like a baby. Today he punched Jamie. I have never seen him do that before. So, I think we're in for some rough months with Cody. Jamie is still not too bad, but it won't be long before he gets into those "twos" that everyone talks about.

Anyway, I have a headache that has been with me for most of the day, so I am going to sign off here for now. I may be back tomorrow.

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