Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beautiful Night.

So I survived my Saturday alone with the boys. It was difficult, but mostly from about 3 p.m. until bed time. Now I am sitting on my bed in my newly cleaned (mostly) room, savoring the sound and the feeling of the fresh wind coming through our windows. I love this time of year. I love the crisp air and the sound of geese flying over at night. Within reason, of course. Mike's Aunt and Uncle live in the big city and their back yard extends out to a miniature lake where the geese congregate. They told us the sound was unbearable and I could not bring myself to believe it until darkness fell and I experienced it for myself. There were literally thousands of geese and the sound was nearly deafening. Anyway, it is not like that here. Just the odd flock goes over once in a while. It reminds me of my university days. In the city, you can see them flying at night because the city lights reflect off their underbellies. I always found it therapeutic when I was lonely in my apartment and I would step out onto the balcony and breathe in the cold fresh air, and gazing into the night sky I would see a flock of geese go over. I always ran out onto the balcony when I heard them honking, just to see whether I could spot them. Soon, autumn will hit full force and the leaves will all disappear before we know it. I don't like that part of fall. It has been so warm this year that the leaves haven't really changed color yet. I hope we will get to enjoy them for a while once they do. I'm afraid they'll change and disappear in a matter of days because it is happening so late. This would be a perfect night for star-gazing on the trampoline, or for a bonfire. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time.

Anyway, I am just babbling here because I am loving this wind so much. It feels incredibly peaceful to me, and I don't have that many moments of peace in this house these days. Ah. And even as I typed that, Micah started crying. I better get ready for bed. I hope it won't get too cold in here for Micah tonight. I have read in more than one place now that the ideal temperature for a baby's room at night is 17 degrees celsius. Shocking, right? I don't doubt it though, because Micah is in a sweat every night when I un-swaddle him to change his diaper. Maybe if it were colder in here he would feel just right.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Not a fun day.

It is only 8:30 a.m. and already I am in the foulest of moods. I awoke with a headache when Micah woke up at 7:00 a.m. for his second feeding of the night (okay, of the morning) and I was already dreading the day. I managed to go back to sleep for a minimal time after he was done, but then Cody and Jamie barged into my room very loudly and my stress level sky-rocketed. I did not want them waking Micah, but they did. Cody handed me two granola bars. Dips, actually. Chocolate-coated, chocolate chip granola bars. That's what he wanted for breakfast. I told him to get out of my room and close the door and I would be out in a bit to feed them. Yeah right. They were in and out every thirty seconds, waking up Micah and adding to my fury. I did not have a good sleep last night, so I was not happy to begin with, but my head just hurt so bad and I didn't want to face the day. On top of that, today is Friday but I found out a couple of days ago that Mike will be working all day tomorrow too at a golf tournament. That means I only get one day of help this week, and I can hardly even function just thinking about it because I am so exhausted this week.

I did manage to drag my butt out of bed, and miraculously, Micah seemed happy to stay in the cradle so I left him there. The first thing I saw when I exited my room was Jamie, in his room across the hall. He was standing by Cody's bed, holding Cody's glasses and twisting them at the most ungodly angle. The arm is now broken off. How many weeks ago did they break the last time?? I would say three at the most, though I really don't remember anything anymore. I started to cry. How in the world are we going to do this with Cody's glasses when he has two little brothers to pulverize them? I know Micah can't yet, but he will.

I just booted Cody outside. I think I should only have one child at a time this morning. Micah is still sleeping, so I now have Jamie, and even he is driving me nuts this morning. It takes a lot for Jamie to drive me nuts because he is so incredibly cute and sweet, but today I have no tolerance for anything and given that he broke the glasses first thing in the morning, we started off on the wrong foot.

I think we can officially say that Micah is not sleeping through the night at eight weeks old. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I really hoped he would seeing both of his brothers did. Three out of five nights this week he has slept from 10 or 11 p.m. until between 4:30-5:30 a.m. That means he is on his way, but it is not happening yet.

Great. Cody is already back in the house. He refuses to go back out, so he is now in his room, snarking. (I know that is not a real word, but in our house it is very real.) Jamie is literally rolling on the floor in front of me having a tantrum. He is not sleeping well these days. Last night he was awake past 9 p.m. and they had gone to bed just after 7 p.m.

Okay, it is now 11:11 a.m. and things are not improving. I am extremely annoyed, and that is a major understatement. Jamie is in a flap over everything, and Cody refuses to go outside, so I have been trying to handle all three of them at once for most of the morning. Nothing I can do will satisfy Jamie at this point in time. Micah just settled, after puking all over me. I had to change my pants because they were so wet. I had to change his outfit too. I hope he will sleep for a while. I really feel like I cannot handle any of this today. I just want to curl up in a ball in a quiet place and have someone else take care of everything, even for just a few hours. I guess we all have our impossible dreams, right?

I think I better just end this post here because I have had so many interruptions I can't even think straight. I don't have much positive to say at the moment anyway, so it is probably just as well that I sign off. Here's hoping tomorrow is better. Traditionally, a Saturday would be. I am not counting on it this weekend. And now Micah is starting to cry. Wow. Bye for now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We have mice again.

It seems like I have less and less time to post in here. Even now, I should not be hiding in my room because Mike has all three boys out there, and one of them is in the bathtub. Oh well. This is the first break I have had today, so I will not allow myself to feel too guilty about it.

It has been an interesting week. Yesterday I went over to the farm to see a bunch of my in-laws because all three of Mike's sisters were there, plus another sister-in-law, all with their many kids. Including my boys, there were sixteen kids there...actually, seventeen, because Mike's cousin also came over with her baby. Five of the seventeen were babies, and we were still missing three of the cousins. Crazy times.

Anyway, I spent an hour and a half packing up and preparing the boys in the morning, which was a blistering speed, by the way. Then I left Cody and Jamie in the house while I put the bags and Micah in the van. (We live in the middle of the bush out in the boonies, so I can do that. In the city I would not have the same freedom.) I asked Cody to help Jamie put on his sandals and then proceeded out the door with Micah. I placed Micah in the van in his car seat, and threw the bags across the front seat to the passenger side. I saw a mouse trap on the floor and made sure to keep the bags on the seat. As I leaned across, I saw another mouse trap on the floor. This one was occupied. Oh boy. Yes, there was a dead mouse in there. I know that probably sounds terrible and cruel, but we had to do something about the mice in there, which we discovered at the end of last week. Their poop can be dangerous or even fatal if it carries that disease...I can't remember what it is called. I had heard that putting bounce sheets in the vehicle will deter the mice, and we did that with our Matrix back last year. It seemed to work, so I tried the bounce sheets again this time around. Just to be safe, Mike set a few traps. So far, we have caught four mice. Oh joy. This is going to sound ridiculous, but I felt sorry for the little guy, and honestly I found him to be quite cute. I didn't think about it at the time, but looking back, the mouse's eyes were still open, so he didn't really look dead. Poor thing. However, due to paranoia about the disease that mice carry, I did not want to touch him. I had no gloves, and I knew I would be handling children, so I left him there and made a mental note to keep my feet away from him while driving. He was far enough over that it was not a problem. Still, I was disturbed by the situation.

I proceeded back to the house to retrieve the other two boys and as I approached I heard bawling. Visions of Cody smacking his brother or pushing him over backwards swirled in my head. I rolled my eyes and sighed, and kept climbing the steps. By the time I got to the door it was obvious that both boys were wailing. What in the world was going on? I entered the house and saw them, Cody sitting on the floor at Jamie's feet and Jamie standing in front of him. Both were crying. Jamie's feet were coming way past the front end of his sandals and I quickly determined that to be the cause of his distress. I sat down and he immediately sat on my lap to have the problem fixed. I asked Cody why he was crying. He howled, "Because Jamie said owww!" Haha. He felt bad for stressing out and hurting his brother. Sheesh.

I forgot to finish my post. I got interrupted by Cody, who wanted to read a story with me before bed. Now all three boys are sleeping and we are just finishing the diaper laundry so we can hang it to dry overnight. Hopefully Micah will wake up and eat again soon. He did not sleep that well last night, so I hope tonight will be better. I am going to end this here, even though I have a feeling I left out something I wanted to say. That happens all the time now. Goodnight.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Back Into Shape

It has been a busy weekend, and yet I have not gone anywhere. I guess life is always busy when you have three kids that are ages three and under. I would venture to say, "especially boys", but in all fairness I have nothing to compare to. The weekend is drawing to a close, and I am alone here with the boys. Cody is sleeping and has been for a long time. I believe Jamie is also asleep now, though he was not sleeping about half an hour ago. He seems to have trouble falling asleep at night now. Perhaps it is time to rearrange his nap schedule. Micah is laying on his back on his play mat on the floor in front of me, kicking his legs and waving his arms. For the moment, he is entertained by the toys hanging over him. I hope he will remain entertained for a while.

Tonight, I did a workout for the first time in close to a year. It was only twenty minutes long, and it was all abs: ten minutes standing and ten minutes laying down. Even still, I think I am going to be sore all over tomorrow. My legs and arms even feel weak. That is pretty pathetic, considering I used to find that workout so easy that I felt guilty if it was the only one I did on a particular day. Now I figure any workout completed is a total miracle. That is partially due to the pathetic shape my body is in right now, and partly due to the fact that I don't know how I will ever get a workout done when I have three little boys to contend with. Actually, Micah is the hardest one right now because he is the least predictable. I think Cody would either do it with me, or ignore me if I insisted, so I could do it while Jamie naps, but how can I guarantee that Micah will not need me during that time? The only real option is to do it in the evenings when Mike can take Micah and the other boys are sleeping. The problem with that? It means Mike and I get no time together at all, other than on weekends. Hm. Well, I hope I can figure something out. In all honesty, I really do not have the energy for working out at this point in time, but I really miss having energy and I believe getting back into shape will help me to get there again some day. Unfortunately, I do not have much confidence in my ability to do so and I know that is an important part of the equation. How can I bring myself to believe it is possible to get back into shape again?

Looks like Micah is doing his own abdominal workout right now. He's doing that horrible bicycle move that is so painful. I guess little babies have very strong abs! Micah does for sure. He can almost roll from his back to his front already, and he did roll from front to back twice when he was three weeks old. He will be eight weeks old tomorrow. Time is flying.

Anyway, nothing deep tonight, but I am going to sign off now. I'm developing a bit of a headache and I think Micah needs to be held now. He is fussing. That lasted about ten minutes max!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back From the Big City

The week is almost over and I have not posted in here at all! It has been a crazy week. On Monday, I had my six week check-up, though it had technically been exactly seven weeks since Micah was born. The day started off badly because Jamie could not walk when he woke up. It was very weird. He was very sore on his left leg or foot. We never did determine the source of the pain, let alone what caused it in the first place. We rotated his ankle, wiggled all of his toes, pressed with our fingers all over his leg and he never reacted to any of it. But he could not put any pressure on his right foot when he walked. Actually, he would not walk. He stood there bawling, crying "Mommy! Mommy" and wanted me to carry him everywhere. Unfortunately, Micah also wanted me to carry him everywhere. Jamie would only crawl, and later in the morning discovered that he was able to use a ride-on toy. He did so with glee, and I called it his wheelchair. I was going to take him to the doctor with me, in case he needed x-rays or something. A couple of hours later he was able to walk, but with an extreme limp. By lunch time he was walking quickly with no complaints, but still limping. By the end of the day, he was not limping at all and it was as though nothing had ever happened. I'm telling you, it was weird. Mike said the night before he had changed Jamie right before bed and Jamie had kicked the change table really hard with his heel. (He is very uncooperative now when he gets changed.) That was the only thing we could think of that would cause him to be injured. It was very weird to see such a little guy limping like that. I felt horrible for him.

My appointment was fine, and quick, thankfully. Micah was with me, of course, and he was not a problem. I did not take Jamie. He was improving enough that I figured he'd be fine, and he was napping when I left, so I figured he'd be better off getting some rest.

The next day I ran around like a maniac for two and a half hours getting everyone packed and ready, and then we headed off to the big city for Cody's specialist appointment. The drive was...okay. My mother-in-law came along, which was really great. I was very thrilled to have the help, but also the adult company! We stopped half way there for lunch, and I dropped off Mike's mom at Mike's sister's place, so in total, my guys were in the van from 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., with an hour of play time in between at my sister-in-law's place. It was rough on them. And of course, what's rough on them is inevitably rough on me too.

That evening I went shopping with a dear friend of mine whom I rarely see, so that was a treat. Then I came back to my parents' place and hung out with Micah for the rest of the evening. The other boys had stayed with my mom & dad so they were in bed already when I got back. Micah slept almost through the night. He ate at 9:30 p.m. and then did not wake again to eat until 4:49 a.m. It was wonderful. He did the same thing last night. I am hoping we are rapidly working our way towards sleeping all night every night. Both of my other boys did so by eight weeks. Micah will be eight weeks old on Monday. Hehe. The race is on.

The next morning we had Cody's appointment. It went well. Still no surgery in the near future, or even in the future at all, if he remains as he is now or improves. I have to go back in January. I dread it. Driving three little boys in minus thirty degrees or worse, with possible icy highway conditions, or blowing snow to reduce visibility...etc. It does not sit well with me. I was very disappointed that the doctor did not say to come back in six months this time. Then I could have gone in March, and I would have made my appointment coincide with spring break so that Mike could come with us. Oh well. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure Cody's eyes are okay.

The ride home was rough. I was fried when I got here, and Mike left almost immediately for the evening. Golf, of course. What else? I made it through, but I was not happy. I tried valiantly to clean up the house, which was not in good shape, but I was unable to do much because Micah was only happy if I was holding him. Eventually I gave up and just sat down to watch Music & Lyrics while I held Micah. He slept on me, and was very sweet, as usual.

Today I am trying to pull it together. I am cleaning as much as I can, and of course doing laundry too. In fact, I am sitting in my room right now, on my mattress that has no sheets or covers on it, folding diapers and kid laundry. Cody has adopted some kind of preschooler cheerleading techniques. I just heard him hurting Cricket, and I yelled, "Cody, let go of her!" Then he yelled back, "Let go of your spirit! I don't want to hear it!" Okay. Hm, now I feel a bit sheepish. I just checked on Cody, and he was not bothering Cricket after all. Her and Tabu were sitting on the stairs having a fight. A cat fight, to be exact. Actually, we call them slap fights, because that's exactly what they do to each other. The word "whap" would also be appropriate.

Cody has finally finished cleaning the living room, so he is watching a bit of TV while I continue my work. I am hoping Micah will wake up soon because it has been almost four hours since he has eaten, and I'm getting sore. Hehe. Too much information, I guess. So, I must go now. I really should not be doing this at all these days because I need to seize every opportunity to get things done around the house. Once Micah is up I will be quite limited because he will probably want to be held a lot. I'm off for now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trying to be productive

So, we are more than halfway through our Saturday, and I am in my room with Micah. Actually, he is draped over my chest, sleeping, so typing is very awkward at the moment. He would not settle on his own for some reason, but it is nice to hold him. The stage of him falling asleep in our arms will not last very long, so I hope to maximize it as much as I can by holding him a lot in the evenings when I don't have other little boys to run after, and cleaning and laundry to do too. Well okay, I always have laundry going in the evenings these days, but that is minimal interruptions compared to having the other boys around. Mike is feeding them supper right now. I am not hungry, so I skipped out.

I have been working on my homework for a lot of the afternoon, and have made significant progress, so that is good. I should probably still be working on it now, but I do find it difficult to focus on it properly when I am holding Micah. He is slightly wiggly right now too. I might have to lay him down on the bed so he can sleep. Maybe I will...Oh crap. That backfired. Now he is crying and mad at me. Guess I better pick him up again. Poor baby. Okay, now he has puked all over himself.

Okay, I just got him settled again. Sheesh. This baby sure pukes a lot. I can't even tell you how many outfits he goes through a day, and how many receiving blankets I go through. I don't ever pick him up without a blanket draped over my shoulder because it is almost a guarantee that he'll puke on me. Cody was the same way. I don't think Jamie was quite as bad. Oh well. That's part of baby hood, I guess. He isn't any less cute, but I hate it when he smells like that yucky sour milk.

I guess I'm stuck like this for the evening, or until he decides to wake up. Hehe. There are worse things. Seeing I am stuck and I am now in a position a bit more conducive to typing, I'm going to attempt to finish my homework. That would be a load off. Then maybe I could spend my evening playing Wii, or reading or even watching TV or something. We will be setting the crib up tonight too as Mike has finally located the necessary hardware. I don't have any cute bedding this time around, but I am still excited to set up the room. I normally have that done before my babies are born. I guess what they say about the third time around is true. Everything is a little more relaxed...or even neglected. Baby books, photographs...etc. I don't have a baby book for Micah yet, but I certainly am taking pictures. In the digital age, there is no reason to be conservative with the number of photos taken!

So, I'm off to hopefully get my assignment done, or at least get closer to that goal!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gloomy day, and info on SIDS

Friday has arrived and gloom has settled over our place. It has been raining heavily since sometime in the night, and the house is darkened significantly. It is the kind of day that makes me want to bake. Silly. Or, curl up in bed with a really good book and just read all day. Obviously that is not an option, but Jamie and Micah are both asleep right now, so theoretically I could go hide in my room for a while. Even so, what I really need to do now is my homework, so that is next on my agenda.

The other source of gloom this afternoon is that my mom left at lunch time. The boys were both sad to see her go, and I was too. It is always nice having my mom here, and I am blessed to be able to say that. We had a nice time with her here. When she left, Jamie kept waving out the window saying, "Bye bye! Bubba." Bubba is how he pronounced Grandma, and Grandpa too, for that matter.

Cody is playing with his GeoTrax in the living room. We finally moved them out of the baby room last night because we are finally going to set up the crib in there. Micah will still sleep in our room for a while yet. I don't think I'm quite ready to put him in his own room overnight. I would like him to be sleeping through the night first, like my other two did, but that may not happen with Micah. I don't know yet.

Normally I would already be having him sleep in his own room for naps during the day, just to get him used to his crib, but we had not set up the crib because we were waiting on a mattress cover from New Zealand, of all places. Sounds a bit odd, right? Well, during this pregnancy I learned about a theory about the cause of SIDS, and according to this theory (backed up by several years of research), SIDS is a result of chemicals that are inside crib mattresses, as well as cradle mattresses and other baby mattresses. (Bassinets...etc.) Here is a quote from them:

"Cot death (crib death) is caused by gaseous poisoning, the gases being phosphine, arsine and stibine (and/or derivative gases). These toxic gases are formed by the action of common household fungi (e.g. Scopulariopsis brevicaulis) on compounds of (respectively) the elements phosphorus, arsenic and antimony within the mattress."

Okay, that's a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Those last elements listed are present within crib mattresses, believe it or not. Yes, even arsenic. It has to do with being fire resistant, I believe. So, this theory, which is apparently rejected by U.S. powers that be, makes a lot of sense. It states that these gases leak from the mattress and hover near the surface of the mattress which explains why babies are statistically more likely to die of SIDS if they are sleeping on their tummies. Their faces would then be very close to these gases and they would be breathing in a much higher quantity. Another factor in SIDS is that it tends to occur more frequently with a second or third child than with a first. This also makes sense because the more babies that use the same mattress, the more likely the mattress is to leak higher quantities of the toxic fumes. I also always wondered about this one, but they say that there is a higher instance of SIDS among poor families than middle class or rich families. This could also be explained by the possibility that they got their mattress second hand, or reused the same mattress many times over to save money. Also, SIDS is most likely to occur within the first year. After that, the child is bigger and less affected by these fumes. (Apparently we are also subjected to these in our own beds, but again, we are big enough that it does not affect us badly.)

So, that is a very brief explanation of what I learned, and I really felt that it is a logical and thorough explanation of SIDS. If you want to read a better account of it, in more detail, check out their website. It is They developed a mattress cover to wrap the mattresses in that prevents this from happening, and Mike and I decided to get one. I could not bring myself to let Micah sleep on a used crib mattress with everything I knew, even though I had one available in the basement. I figured it was cheaper to order the cover than to buy a new mattress, so that is what we did. It arrived yesterday in the mail, so last night we carefully wrapped the mattress and then put a 100% cotton towel on top of it, and then put a 100% cotton fitted crib sheet over all of it, as per the instructions. There is no absolute proof that their theory on SIDS is correct, but the statistics they show were enough to convince me. At the very least, this gives me much more peace of mind.

I look forward to having the baby room set up at last. Unfortunately, Mike has misplaced the hardware required to set up the crib, so right now all we have is a mattress. That, of course, does us no good. I'm hoping he'll find the stuff tonight. Meanwhile, maybe someone reading this will benefit from the information about SIDS.

For now, I have to go. My diaper laundry needs to run through the dryer again, and I might do another load of laundry in the wash. I can't believe the amount of laundry that I do these days! I need to do my homework too, but I missed my window. Micah is waking up and he is not terribly happy. Bummer. I'm off for now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday & Anniversary

Well, here ends another birthday and an anniversary as well. Today was our 9th anniversary, celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month in the year '09. Haha. I do love the number nine. I had a nice day, and we did go out for supper together. It was not really a traditional date, seeing we had a baby in tow, and he was fussy for most of the supper. I had to leave mid-score cheesecake and rush out to the van to feed the hysterical little guy. It was a bit stressful, but we did get out. It's hard to believe we've already been married for nine years. I still can't believe he married me. Hehe.

My birthday was enjoyable too. We went to the library and my Mom was with us. She is staying here right now, if I didn't mention that before. She took us out to A&W for lunch, which was fun. Cody was especially thrilled seeing that is his favorite restaurant. All in all, it was a nice day. I also got a total of nine books for my birthday, (six of them from Mike) and a gift certificate that will get me another one or two. Yay books! Anyone who knows me knows that all I ever want for Christmas or my birthday are books. I love books. So, I got three books out of the library but I have a plethora of my own to read now too! It was a nice day. Cody made me a card too. He also sang Happy Birthday to me. He says, "Happy Birthday tune you!"

Anyway, I have to make this short because Micah is just now settling for the night...well, hopefully for the night. He did sleep through last night, as a birthday gift to me! Haha! I have to go to bed while I have the opportunity. I will try to do a better post tomorrow. Goodnight.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ode to Mike

Phew. That was a rough night. Okay, a horrible night. Mike and I were both pretty much up all night. Micah was too, of course. We think he had a tummy ache, but we're not totally sure what the issue was. Whatever the case, he would not sleep for very long at a time, and the night was highly unpleasant. My stomach felt ill all night and even when I did sleep, I dreamed about stomach aches. Not fun.

Okay, I just finished lunch and I am hiding in my room. It is not really completely hiding because Micah is in here too. He is sleeping, finally! This is probably the longest stretch of sleep he has had since last night, and he has not yet been asleep for two hours, so that says a lot. It is cloudy and muggy outside and the rain is coming soon. I'm glad. I don't like the heat. Yesterday was 34 degrees here (celsius) and I stayed in the house. I did not even step out the door once. Of course, the grasshoppers do nothing to increase my desire to go outside either. It is an infestation, and it is disgusting. Every step you take in our yard, a cloud of grasshoppers explodes in every direction. Disgusting. It doesn't seem to bother the boys though, so I'm glad about that. We will be somewhat housebound the next couple of days due to the rain, but my Mom is coming tomorrow to stay for the rest of the week, so that is going to be nice for all of us.

Our anniversary is on Wednesday, which is also my birthday, and we are going to be able to go out for supper because my Mom is going to stay with the older two boys. That will be nice. Mike brought me flowers last week, and it was not related to our anniversary. He came home with groceries and a dozen beautiful roses. They were pink, white, red, and then a few were red inside but kind of white outside. Gorgeous roses! I felt very spoilt. I don't get flowers very often because our cats take it upon themselves to eat them. Petals and all. I just wanted to take a moment in here to pay tribute to my wonderful husband. Mike has been baking buns on a regular basis. He cooks supper, gets up in the morning with the boys on weekends so that I can sleep in a bit, buys groceries, washes diapers, changes diapers, baths all three of the boys, collects the garbage and takes it to the dump, and he washes dishes too. Hm. When I type it all out like that, it sounds like there is nothing left for me to do! We do share the duties, but my point is, Mike works full time and he also does A LOT around here. He does not leave it all to me, even though I am the stay at home mom. I appreciate his understanding when he gets home and the house is just as messy as when he left. I do my best, but some days it is all I can do just to keep up with the boys, and the housework gets neglected. I am very blessed to have a husband like Mike, and not just because he helps me out with chores and whatnot. He is also very caring and patient, a great father and somehow he puts up with me too, even when I am irrational, grumpy, and a lousy cook and housekeeper. (Sometimes I wonder what's in it for him?) Just wanted to pay tribute to my wonderful husband. I thank God for you, Mike.

So, on that note, I better sign off here for a while. I am tired, but I also still have other stuff to do. I am trying to get a jump start on my homework this week so that I don't leave it for the deadline. I will be away the day it is due, so I want it submitted early. And on a brief side note, I had time to work on my homework this weekend, but I indulged instead and did some work on my creative writing outside of the course. I am enjoying my course, but I miss writing fiction. I hope I can somehow find time to fit both into my schedule on a regular basis!

Okay, I'm off for now. Hopefully tonight will bring much more rest than last night did.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Early morning, feeling ill...

I'm disappointed to be up this early in the night. I went to bed feeling quite ill, and I still feel off. I shouldn't be doing this because I will be going back to bed soon. I also hate typing with only one hand...especially the left one. Guess I'm done for now.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Perhaps this is a bit of denial, but I decided to do a post in here even though there is no way I should even be sitting down right now. Micah is asleep in his bouncy chair, in the play pen for safety, as usual. Cody and Jamie are playing in the living room nicely. Not together. That's why it's nicely. I have already done major disciplining with Cody and had a very long chat with him in his room. He assures me he wants to be nice now and to obey. He assured me with a smirk on his face. Very convincing.

My house is a disaster. The couch gets disassembled every day and looks like someone randomly threw a bunch of cushions in a pile, rather than a piece of furniture meant to be sat upon. There are blankets strewn all over the floor. The boys have taken to dragging them around. Harmless, but it irritates me because they WERE clean blankets and now they will need to be washed. I know, that's not a big deal. It's just that one of them is a VERY thick quilt, and I don't like laundering it. There are worse things though. There are shoes randomly scattered about too. Amazingly, some are even close to their match. Jamie has a bit of a shoe thing, and loves to put them on and stomp around the house. I don't mean his own shoes. I mean Mike's, or mine. Sometimes Cody's, but those are not as gargantuan, so they don't hold the same kind of appeal for him.

Cody is still without glasses since they broke in half on Monday afternoon. I called that day and the guy told me they'd order a new frame and it would be in in a couple of days. They are very nice people there, but I knew that it was unlikely the glasses would be in when he said they would. Sure enough, I just called this morning, and they are not there yet. I asked him to find out for me how long it is going to be so that I could decide whether to do something temporary for Cody. He is not seeing that well right now.

As for myself, I am desperate for a nap as usual, but other than fatigue, I am not feeling too bad today. Yesterday was not very good. I seemed to be suffering from either thrush or mastitis, or something else painful and unpleasant. Thankfully, today it is mostly gone, so I am relieved about that. I did not want to endure yet another trip to the doctor. I already have an appointment for myself next week and a specialist appointment for Cody next week in the big city. That will be a big trip for us. Me and the boys. My mother-in-law has graciously agreed to accompany us on the drive, which is 2.5 to 3 hours so that I have help with the boys if I need it. I still dread the trip because I hate his specialist appointments. It will be more stressful this time around because I will have to haul Micah with us. I hope it will not be too disastrous!

Jamie is peering into the play pen at Micah. He really loves his new little brother. He calls him "Ze Brudder". This morning he threw a tantrum because he wanted to hold Micah so badly. I was on my bed with all three of my little boys, and I kept telling Jamie he had to sit up if he wanted to hold Micah. He refused. I finally said okay, and let Micah lay on his back with his head on Jamie's tummy. Jamie was thrilled. He grinned and watched Micah. He likes to stroke Micah's hair. Actually, he likes to stroke his own hair too! Who wouldn't though! He has great hair. I can't believe how big Jamie is getting.

Ah. And I am a bit dense as usual. Micah is crying significantly now and I figured he was irritated by Jamie, but duh, he is hungry. It has been 2.5 hours since I have fed him. I guess I better go. Maybe I'll get something done around here after that. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another day.

Yesterday was another long day. It was not horrible, but it was stressful because I was so desperate to get my homework done and I did not have a moment to myself until about 6 p.m. I finished my homework just after 10 p.m. and emailed it in. Talk about skimming in at the last minute! I am so relieved to have it done today, but I am exhausted from a difficult night with Micah.

Jamie is also exhausted and fell asleep in his high chair in the middle of lunch. I could not get him to stay awake long enough to have a sip of milk, so I put him to bed. Rather than protesting, once he was laying in his crib he simply said, "Bye!" and I left him there. I have not heard a peep out of him since. That was before 1 p.m. I think.

Micah is in his play pen laying under his play mat for the moment, but he will likely be fussing soon. He is wiggling around a lot and a moment ago when I looked at him he was laying on his side. That would be incredible if he rolled from back to front at such an early age. He already rolled from front to back twice at three weeks old, but not at all since. He is doing very well. He's a very sweet baby, and really not very fussy compared to most babies his age. Thank goodness or I'd really be losing my mind here.

I have not been terribly productive today so far, but I'm doing all right. I have managed to get the boys through two meals, unload the dishwasher, get a roast in the oven, peel and cut potatoes, do laundry, and remove some of the clutter from the living room. What I really want to do is go to bed, but it is not going to happen by the look of things. If Micah was just settling now I would go for it, but he is just beginning his awake time and I'm guessing by the time he settles again Jamie might be up and my window of opportunity will be closed. That's all right, I guess. At least I can relax a bit tonight, even if I can't sleep. I was asked to babysit tonight, but I said no because I really did not think I could handle it. For some reason, I am not pumped about having extra kids around during the evenings at the best of times, but today I just could not handle the thought. I am so tired and grouchy today that I am really excited to have an evening devoid of kid chaos and looming deadlines. Maybe I'll go to bed super early. Or maybe I'll even go for a walk. Either way, my energy level is already way down from yesterday, so I look forward to a quiet evening.

Here begins Micah's fussing. He does not last long at "playtime" on the floor. Maybe his diaper is wet. Oh yes, I bet that's the problem. Sounds like the cry for "uncomfortable"! I have to remind myself to listen to him instead of always assuming that it is not a diaper issue. For some reason I seem to have a mental block with him on this.

I have more to say, but something tells me this might not be the place to share it. I better go change that diaper!