Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back From the Big City

The week is almost over and I have not posted in here at all! It has been a crazy week. On Monday, I had my six week check-up, though it had technically been exactly seven weeks since Micah was born. The day started off badly because Jamie could not walk when he woke up. It was very weird. He was very sore on his left leg or foot. We never did determine the source of the pain, let alone what caused it in the first place. We rotated his ankle, wiggled all of his toes, pressed with our fingers all over his leg and he never reacted to any of it. But he could not put any pressure on his right foot when he walked. Actually, he would not walk. He stood there bawling, crying "Mommy! Mommy" and wanted me to carry him everywhere. Unfortunately, Micah also wanted me to carry him everywhere. Jamie would only crawl, and later in the morning discovered that he was able to use a ride-on toy. He did so with glee, and I called it his wheelchair. I was going to take him to the doctor with me, in case he needed x-rays or something. A couple of hours later he was able to walk, but with an extreme limp. By lunch time he was walking quickly with no complaints, but still limping. By the end of the day, he was not limping at all and it was as though nothing had ever happened. I'm telling you, it was weird. Mike said the night before he had changed Jamie right before bed and Jamie had kicked the change table really hard with his heel. (He is very uncooperative now when he gets changed.) That was the only thing we could think of that would cause him to be injured. It was very weird to see such a little guy limping like that. I felt horrible for him.

My appointment was fine, and quick, thankfully. Micah was with me, of course, and he was not a problem. I did not take Jamie. He was improving enough that I figured he'd be fine, and he was napping when I left, so I figured he'd be better off getting some rest.

The next day I ran around like a maniac for two and a half hours getting everyone packed and ready, and then we headed off to the big city for Cody's specialist appointment. The drive was...okay. My mother-in-law came along, which was really great. I was very thrilled to have the help, but also the adult company! We stopped half way there for lunch, and I dropped off Mike's mom at Mike's sister's place, so in total, my guys were in the van from 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., with an hour of play time in between at my sister-in-law's place. It was rough on them. And of course, what's rough on them is inevitably rough on me too.

That evening I went shopping with a dear friend of mine whom I rarely see, so that was a treat. Then I came back to my parents' place and hung out with Micah for the rest of the evening. The other boys had stayed with my mom & dad so they were in bed already when I got back. Micah slept almost through the night. He ate at 9:30 p.m. and then did not wake again to eat until 4:49 a.m. It was wonderful. He did the same thing last night. I am hoping we are rapidly working our way towards sleeping all night every night. Both of my other boys did so by eight weeks. Micah will be eight weeks old on Monday. Hehe. The race is on.

The next morning we had Cody's appointment. It went well. Still no surgery in the near future, or even in the future at all, if he remains as he is now or improves. I have to go back in January. I dread it. Driving three little boys in minus thirty degrees or worse, with possible icy highway conditions, or blowing snow to reduce visibility...etc. It does not sit well with me. I was very disappointed that the doctor did not say to come back in six months this time. Then I could have gone in March, and I would have made my appointment coincide with spring break so that Mike could come with us. Oh well. I will do whatever is necessary to make sure Cody's eyes are okay.

The ride home was rough. I was fried when I got here, and Mike left almost immediately for the evening. Golf, of course. What else? I made it through, but I was not happy. I tried valiantly to clean up the house, which was not in good shape, but I was unable to do much because Micah was only happy if I was holding him. Eventually I gave up and just sat down to watch Music & Lyrics while I held Micah. He slept on me, and was very sweet, as usual.

Today I am trying to pull it together. I am cleaning as much as I can, and of course doing laundry too. In fact, I am sitting in my room right now, on my mattress that has no sheets or covers on it, folding diapers and kid laundry. Cody has adopted some kind of preschooler cheerleading techniques. I just heard him hurting Cricket, and I yelled, "Cody, let go of her!" Then he yelled back, "Let go of your spirit! I don't want to hear it!" Okay. Hm, now I feel a bit sheepish. I just checked on Cody, and he was not bothering Cricket after all. Her and Tabu were sitting on the stairs having a fight. A cat fight, to be exact. Actually, we call them slap fights, because that's exactly what they do to each other. The word "whap" would also be appropriate.

Cody has finally finished cleaning the living room, so he is watching a bit of TV while I continue my work. I am hoping Micah will wake up soon because it has been almost four hours since he has eaten, and I'm getting sore. Hehe. Too much information, I guess. So, I must go now. I really should not be doing this at all these days because I need to seize every opportunity to get things done around the house. Once Micah is up I will be quite limited because he will probably want to be held a lot. I'm off for now.

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