Friday, September 4, 2009


Perhaps this is a bit of denial, but I decided to do a post in here even though there is no way I should even be sitting down right now. Micah is asleep in his bouncy chair, in the play pen for safety, as usual. Cody and Jamie are playing in the living room nicely. Not together. That's why it's nicely. I have already done major disciplining with Cody and had a very long chat with him in his room. He assures me he wants to be nice now and to obey. He assured me with a smirk on his face. Very convincing.

My house is a disaster. The couch gets disassembled every day and looks like someone randomly threw a bunch of cushions in a pile, rather than a piece of furniture meant to be sat upon. There are blankets strewn all over the floor. The boys have taken to dragging them around. Harmless, but it irritates me because they WERE clean blankets and now they will need to be washed. I know, that's not a big deal. It's just that one of them is a VERY thick quilt, and I don't like laundering it. There are worse things though. There are shoes randomly scattered about too. Amazingly, some are even close to their match. Jamie has a bit of a shoe thing, and loves to put them on and stomp around the house. I don't mean his own shoes. I mean Mike's, or mine. Sometimes Cody's, but those are not as gargantuan, so they don't hold the same kind of appeal for him.

Cody is still without glasses since they broke in half on Monday afternoon. I called that day and the guy told me they'd order a new frame and it would be in in a couple of days. They are very nice people there, but I knew that it was unlikely the glasses would be in when he said they would. Sure enough, I just called this morning, and they are not there yet. I asked him to find out for me how long it is going to be so that I could decide whether to do something temporary for Cody. He is not seeing that well right now.

As for myself, I am desperate for a nap as usual, but other than fatigue, I am not feeling too bad today. Yesterday was not very good. I seemed to be suffering from either thrush or mastitis, or something else painful and unpleasant. Thankfully, today it is mostly gone, so I am relieved about that. I did not want to endure yet another trip to the doctor. I already have an appointment for myself next week and a specialist appointment for Cody next week in the big city. That will be a big trip for us. Me and the boys. My mother-in-law has graciously agreed to accompany us on the drive, which is 2.5 to 3 hours so that I have help with the boys if I need it. I still dread the trip because I hate his specialist appointments. It will be more stressful this time around because I will have to haul Micah with us. I hope it will not be too disastrous!

Jamie is peering into the play pen at Micah. He really loves his new little brother. He calls him "Ze Brudder". This morning he threw a tantrum because he wanted to hold Micah so badly. I was on my bed with all three of my little boys, and I kept telling Jamie he had to sit up if he wanted to hold Micah. He refused. I finally said okay, and let Micah lay on his back with his head on Jamie's tummy. Jamie was thrilled. He grinned and watched Micah. He likes to stroke Micah's hair. Actually, he likes to stroke his own hair too! Who wouldn't though! He has great hair. I can't believe how big Jamie is getting.

Ah. And I am a bit dense as usual. Micah is crying significantly now and I figured he was irritated by Jamie, but duh, he is hungry. It has been 2.5 hours since I have fed him. I guess I better go. Maybe I'll get something done around here after that. Here's hoping!

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