Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Back Into Shape

It has been a busy weekend, and yet I have not gone anywhere. I guess life is always busy when you have three kids that are ages three and under. I would venture to say, "especially boys", but in all fairness I have nothing to compare to. The weekend is drawing to a close, and I am alone here with the boys. Cody is sleeping and has been for a long time. I believe Jamie is also asleep now, though he was not sleeping about half an hour ago. He seems to have trouble falling asleep at night now. Perhaps it is time to rearrange his nap schedule. Micah is laying on his back on his play mat on the floor in front of me, kicking his legs and waving his arms. For the moment, he is entertained by the toys hanging over him. I hope he will remain entertained for a while.

Tonight, I did a workout for the first time in close to a year. It was only twenty minutes long, and it was all abs: ten minutes standing and ten minutes laying down. Even still, I think I am going to be sore all over tomorrow. My legs and arms even feel weak. That is pretty pathetic, considering I used to find that workout so easy that I felt guilty if it was the only one I did on a particular day. Now I figure any workout completed is a total miracle. That is partially due to the pathetic shape my body is in right now, and partly due to the fact that I don't know how I will ever get a workout done when I have three little boys to contend with. Actually, Micah is the hardest one right now because he is the least predictable. I think Cody would either do it with me, or ignore me if I insisted, so I could do it while Jamie naps, but how can I guarantee that Micah will not need me during that time? The only real option is to do it in the evenings when Mike can take Micah and the other boys are sleeping. The problem with that? It means Mike and I get no time together at all, other than on weekends. Hm. Well, I hope I can figure something out. In all honesty, I really do not have the energy for working out at this point in time, but I really miss having energy and I believe getting back into shape will help me to get there again some day. Unfortunately, I do not have much confidence in my ability to do so and I know that is an important part of the equation. How can I bring myself to believe it is possible to get back into shape again?

Looks like Micah is doing his own abdominal workout right now. He's doing that horrible bicycle move that is so painful. I guess little babies have very strong abs! Micah does for sure. He can almost roll from his back to his front already, and he did roll from front to back twice when he was three weeks old. He will be eight weeks old tomorrow. Time is flying.

Anyway, nothing deep tonight, but I am going to sign off now. I'm developing a bit of a headache and I think Micah needs to be held now. He is fussing. That lasted about ten minutes max!

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