Monday, September 7, 2009

Ode to Mike

Phew. That was a rough night. Okay, a horrible night. Mike and I were both pretty much up all night. Micah was too, of course. We think he had a tummy ache, but we're not totally sure what the issue was. Whatever the case, he would not sleep for very long at a time, and the night was highly unpleasant. My stomach felt ill all night and even when I did sleep, I dreamed about stomach aches. Not fun.

Okay, I just finished lunch and I am hiding in my room. It is not really completely hiding because Micah is in here too. He is sleeping, finally! This is probably the longest stretch of sleep he has had since last night, and he has not yet been asleep for two hours, so that says a lot. It is cloudy and muggy outside and the rain is coming soon. I'm glad. I don't like the heat. Yesterday was 34 degrees here (celsius) and I stayed in the house. I did not even step out the door once. Of course, the grasshoppers do nothing to increase my desire to go outside either. It is an infestation, and it is disgusting. Every step you take in our yard, a cloud of grasshoppers explodes in every direction. Disgusting. It doesn't seem to bother the boys though, so I'm glad about that. We will be somewhat housebound the next couple of days due to the rain, but my Mom is coming tomorrow to stay for the rest of the week, so that is going to be nice for all of us.

Our anniversary is on Wednesday, which is also my birthday, and we are going to be able to go out for supper because my Mom is going to stay with the older two boys. That will be nice. Mike brought me flowers last week, and it was not related to our anniversary. He came home with groceries and a dozen beautiful roses. They were pink, white, red, and then a few were red inside but kind of white outside. Gorgeous roses! I felt very spoilt. I don't get flowers very often because our cats take it upon themselves to eat them. Petals and all. I just wanted to take a moment in here to pay tribute to my wonderful husband. Mike has been baking buns on a regular basis. He cooks supper, gets up in the morning with the boys on weekends so that I can sleep in a bit, buys groceries, washes diapers, changes diapers, baths all three of the boys, collects the garbage and takes it to the dump, and he washes dishes too. Hm. When I type it all out like that, it sounds like there is nothing left for me to do! We do share the duties, but my point is, Mike works full time and he also does A LOT around here. He does not leave it all to me, even though I am the stay at home mom. I appreciate his understanding when he gets home and the house is just as messy as when he left. I do my best, but some days it is all I can do just to keep up with the boys, and the housework gets neglected. I am very blessed to have a husband like Mike, and not just because he helps me out with chores and whatnot. He is also very caring and patient, a great father and somehow he puts up with me too, even when I am irrational, grumpy, and a lousy cook and housekeeper. (Sometimes I wonder what's in it for him?) Just wanted to pay tribute to my wonderful husband. I thank God for you, Mike.

So, on that note, I better sign off here for a while. I am tired, but I also still have other stuff to do. I am trying to get a jump start on my homework this week so that I don't leave it for the deadline. I will be away the day it is due, so I want it submitted early. And on a brief side note, I had time to work on my homework this weekend, but I indulged instead and did some work on my creative writing outside of the course. I am enjoying my course, but I miss writing fiction. I hope I can somehow find time to fit both into my schedule on a regular basis!

Okay, I'm off for now. Hopefully tonight will bring much more rest than last night did.


Bonnie said...

I loved reading today's update! Yes, you are very blessed to have Mike! And he is equally as blessed to have you!

Christy said...

I hear you Cheryl! You know my hubby is the same way :) Sometimes it feels like we got more blessed than we deserve but personally I love the fact we can say these things about our men. Enjoy your anniversary together!