Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trying to be productive

So, we are more than halfway through our Saturday, and I am in my room with Micah. Actually, he is draped over my chest, sleeping, so typing is very awkward at the moment. He would not settle on his own for some reason, but it is nice to hold him. The stage of him falling asleep in our arms will not last very long, so I hope to maximize it as much as I can by holding him a lot in the evenings when I don't have other little boys to run after, and cleaning and laundry to do too. Well okay, I always have laundry going in the evenings these days, but that is minimal interruptions compared to having the other boys around. Mike is feeding them supper right now. I am not hungry, so I skipped out.

I have been working on my homework for a lot of the afternoon, and have made significant progress, so that is good. I should probably still be working on it now, but I do find it difficult to focus on it properly when I am holding Micah. He is slightly wiggly right now too. I might have to lay him down on the bed so he can sleep. Maybe I will...Oh crap. That backfired. Now he is crying and mad at me. Guess I better pick him up again. Poor baby. Okay, now he has puked all over himself.

Okay, I just got him settled again. Sheesh. This baby sure pukes a lot. I can't even tell you how many outfits he goes through a day, and how many receiving blankets I go through. I don't ever pick him up without a blanket draped over my shoulder because it is almost a guarantee that he'll puke on me. Cody was the same way. I don't think Jamie was quite as bad. Oh well. That's part of baby hood, I guess. He isn't any less cute, but I hate it when he smells like that yucky sour milk.

I guess I'm stuck like this for the evening, or until he decides to wake up. Hehe. There are worse things. Seeing I am stuck and I am now in a position a bit more conducive to typing, I'm going to attempt to finish my homework. That would be a load off. Then maybe I could spend my evening playing Wii, or reading or even watching TV or something. We will be setting the crib up tonight too as Mike has finally located the necessary hardware. I don't have any cute bedding this time around, but I am still excited to set up the room. I normally have that done before my babies are born. I guess what they say about the third time around is true. Everything is a little more relaxed...or even neglected. Baby books, photographs...etc. I don't have a baby book for Micah yet, but I certainly am taking pictures. In the digital age, there is no reason to be conservative with the number of photos taken!

So, I'm off to hopefully get my assignment done, or at least get closer to that goal!

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Christine said...

OK, I finally remembered to check out your blog (how bad is that!) and of course my eye went right to where you need to correct it!! You haven't changed your profile to say that you are married to Mike and have THREE beautiful boys!!
Anyway, that bit about SIDS is really bizarre. It sure doesn't explain why far more boys die of it than girls...